Things I Love – Ellembee Clothes

A few years ago, my awesome parental people – Daddy and Lala (AKA: Minnie Mouse) – found me a gorgeous hoodie at a local fair, by a woman with a company called Ellembee.  It was grey with beautiful white flowers.  A couple of years later, I received a v-neck shirt, a slightly darker shade of grey, and it quickly became one of my favorite tops.  I love the handmade look and the softness of the cotton.  Flash-forward to Christmas 2014.  KB had a gift under the tree, so to speak, and I was thrilled beyond belief when I opened it.  Her very own Ellembee Onesies!

Being a smart person, Lala had chosen onesies in the 3-6 month size.  Today was the first day my little girl could wear her Giraffe Onesie!

<3 the softness and comfort of the cotton onesie!

Ellembee Yellow Giraffe

Ellembee Yellow Giraffe

I was so excited I had to post to their Facebook page. 😀

Happy KB LOVES her Ellembee!

Happy KB LOVES her Ellembee!

I think KB was pretty darn excited, too!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(

PS – I got no money from this, no free stuff, and if you click on the links and purchase anything – I don’t get anything for that.  I just ❤ Ellembee so much that I wanted to share! 🙂


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