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Playing at the Park

Hot Little Caterpillars/Sheep

Today we went to the park out near the Sheep house to play with Brother Sheep and Sister Sheep.  We packed a picnic lunch, so we could eat at the little tables, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

Giving Sweet Hugs

Playing on the Big Playground

I can’t wait until it’s a little cooler and we can bring some of our other friends out to play here.  (The Caterpillars LOVE the tall treehouse.)

It's HOT Mummy!

Playing Together and Sharing

Lime Face!

Where is CW you ask?  Hiding on the Big Kid playground…  He wasn’t going to stop for any stinking photo till we made him!

I just LOVE seeing the Caterpillars with Sister Sheep and Brother Sheep!

Sweet Sister Sheep

Brother Sheep Concentrating

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


Praying Mantis

B10 found another AWESOME creature in our yard.  I can’t even imagine how he finds these critters, much less catches them without harming them at all.

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(

Tellus Science Museum

B10 and CW arrived home from their Daddy’s house yesterday, so Queen and I had decided for our entire families to spend the day together at the Tellus Science Museum.  Prince and Princess start public school tomorrow, and we wanted the kids to all see each other before that started.

We had never been before, and were quite impressed with the building architecture.  The “clock” in the front lobby intrigued everyone, while Queen and I purchased tickets.

Giant "Clock"

Even GO was fascinated by the swinging.

Swinging Pendulum

The first gallery we went to was “Science in Motion“.  Princess was so sweet and insisted on being allowed to push GO the entire time!

All the Kiddos

Checking Out the Rockets

B10 on the Moon (in SLLLLOW Motion)

Princess and GO and the Helicopter

From there, we headed to the Fossil Dig and Gem Panning area – each person was allowed to pan a small bag of gems and take home a fossil.  Even the adults got in on the fun.

Panning for Gems

Carefully Searching for Gems

Everyone got in on the gems!

GO even helped out

GO wanted to touch the water!

King and Princess

The fossil dig section had small fossils to find and take home, plus larger fossils to “discover”.

GO Fossil Hunting

Carefully Searching for Bone

We left there, to head to lunch in the cafe, before the Planetarium show – with the goal of GO falling asleep in the dark.  I think we had a few nappers…

"The Extreme Planets" Planetarium Show

After the show, while GO was sleeping, we did the Weinman Mineral Gallery and Fossil Gallery.  I wasn’t expecting the Caterpillars to love these sections – but they did!

Hubby and the Shiny Thing

DINO Bones

We saved the children’s area for last.  GO was sleeping when we went in, but woke up soon and got out of her stroller to play.

GO sleeping as we got to the Children's Area

Playing with the Toys

CW and Prince Racing Magnets

After the Tellus Science Museum, we grabbed ice cream on the drive home.  It was such a special day, with our wonderful friends.

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(