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Back in the Pool

Playing a game

I didn’t grow up with a pool, and my Caterpillars never really had access to one like they do now, either.  So it’s almost a little funny to me to see how excited they are EVERY SINGLE TIME we put on swimsuits and get in the water!

Queen and GO in the water

Queen brought Prince and Princess back over to swim and have dinner (Auntie M made homemade lasagna!), and everyone had a blast.  Even Queen managed to get in the water for a bit (much to GO’s delight).

GO was “being a mermaid”…

It’s a wonderful benefit to living in an apartment for a year!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


Auntie M and the Mani/Pedi Delight

Pretty Toenails (Just Like Auntie M!)

When Auntie M arrived, GO was fascinated by her purple fingernails and toenails.  So, being the great Godmum that she is, Auntie M took it upon herself to find purple nail polish in order to give GO a matching mani/pedi.

Watching closely, so someday she can do it, ALL BY HERSELF!

GO sat SO STILL in her Auntie M’s lap, and even though she’s had her nails painted before, she was beside herself to MATCH her Auntie M!  She kept showing them off (and was quite proud that they also matched her bathing suit when the Royal family came over)!

Sitting VERY still!

I love having friends who invest and love my Caterpillars.  This was such a small thing, but it meant a lot to GO, and her Auntie M saw that. Auntie M is amazing, and I’m lucky to have her in my life.

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(

Princess’ Dance Recital

Princess and B10

Tonight Auntie M, Otto, B10 and I went to see Princess in her second year Dance Recital.  Without being able to use a flash, the pictures aren’t the best, but overall – I got a few cute shots.  And we LOVED seeing her dance.  Hopefully, someday soon, GO will be old enough to enjoy actually sitting through a recital (they are almost 3 hours long).

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~Mummy Butterfly  )i(

Berry Picking Day

Beautiful Blackberry

Queen called me last night and asked if we wanted to get up early and go blackberry picking.  How on earth could we resist?  So, early this morning (okay, only 7:30am) we all woke up and got dressed.  Queen, Prince and Princess arrived right at 8am, and the boys (Prince and B10) rode in the truck with GO, Auntie M and I, while Princess rode with her Mum.

The best berry picking place is about an hour away, and owned by the same family that owns the strawberry picking fields (which are only 30 minutes away).  We had never been before, because Queen is usually gone during Blackberry season.  The weather has been so warm, that all the berries have ripened about 2-3 weeks earlier than usual, so she was VERY excited.

On the way home, we stopped to get “baby burgers” (as GO calls them), where GO hopped from lap to lap soaking in the love of her friends and family (actually – they are ALL family to her!).  It was a great morning.

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We got two buckets (at $12 a gallon – a STEAL), part of which Auntie M promised to make blackberry cobbler with.  The rest have been eaten or frozen (for smoothies!).  I hope we get a chance to go back before the season is over!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(

Georgia RenFest

The Whole Gang (Cookie, OPM, Otto, Me, B10)

We hadn’t been to RenFest in 2 years (see the 2010 pictures here), and for OPM and Otto – they had never been before, so it was quite a treat when C and Mere sent me a message asking if we wanted to go for Memorial Day – AND Cookie could come AND Doc was able to get us free tickets!  I think everyone had a blast!  NC did a great job being the only “little” kid, and once she went home to take a nap, it was a really different experience having two older kids in terms of seeing all the shows and stuff.

We were able to look in shops without worrying someone was going to break something, and spend plenty of time just wandering without DOING stuff.

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I think everyone REALLY enjoyed their time.  I can’t wait until next year, since it seems like we go every other year- and that’s to far inbetween fryed pickles!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(

Memorial Day Pool Fun

I woke up this morning feeling worse than yesterday – I thought I had been fighting allergies, but this has gone into a full-blown head cold (with icky throat and headache).  Luckily, we didn’t have much planned this morning, so I was able to rest until about 4 pm, when I was scheduled to pick up Princess from a pool party.

Otto spent the morning playing games with B10 and OPM, and after I got back with Princess, we let everyone rest for a few minutes, before heading to the pool!  It wasn’t very crowded (at least not at first), which meant the kids had plenty of room to play.

OPM did what any normal fifteen year old would do, and sat and read her book (actually, I’m in the process of rereading my favorite book series EVER, so I had my book, too).  Otto took lots of pictures for us, though!

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Dinner tonight was BBQ Chicken and Rice, and we are likely going to have an early evening so we can be ready for church tomorrow at 8am.  Then on Monday – The Georgia RenFest!

Hope your Memorial Day Weekend is going well.

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


Wearing her “Hawaiian Honor Cords”

Tonight was Malenki’s High School graduation, and a special night for our family.  While I know my Mum loves all her students, Malanki is the first one who calls her “Aunt” outside of school, and my Caterpillars call HER auntie.  (I refer to her as my baby sister.)  B10 and I went to support her (and one of B10’s other friends) as they crossed the platform.

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It was awesome to see a graduation ceremony at B10’s school, because it is so different from a public or private school’s graduation.  Each graduate’s parents are invited to speak for 2-3 minutes about their child, before diplomas are handed out (and yes – they are state accredited diplomas).  As a Mum, my thoughts went back and forth from the wonderful things these parents were saying to “OH MY GOSH – FIVE YEARS AND I HAVE TO TALK ABOUT B10!  FIVE YEARS!”.  It’s a bit scary!

I loved the experience, and B10 did a great job listening and paying attention.  Five graduates spoke (there is not such thing as class rankings at Heritage), and all of them did a phenomenal job.  I have to remember for the future, though, to get a better seat for pictures!

Congrats, Malenki!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(