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Mrs. L’s Monster Birthday!

GO and Mrs. L

Mrs. L celebrated her MONSTER BIRTHDAY at preschool today.  Everyone enjoyed the pinatas, the Monster Pops and all the other Monster treats!

The Preschool Class Door

Mrs. B is amazing at taking photos and sharing with the families – her are a few photos of GO celebrating.

Monster Cupcakes

Eating Cupcake

First Pinata Experience

Monster Cake Pops

What an AMAZING couple of teachers GO has!

Monster Teachers

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


B10’s Baptism

B10 made his public profession of faith over 2 years ago, but our search for a permanent church home meant that he had to wait to be baptized.

I am so pleased that he did, because it was a very meaningful ceremony today.  Our church believes that to make a public profession inside a church building, with only church people around, isn’t very public.  So they hold baptisms outside, on the front lawn.

I was asked to affirm B10 and his decision, in front of everyone.  Then he was baptized by the Middle School minister, who made quite a few jokes about how cold B10 was (he was shivering).

The bible verse I read for B10 was Genesis 1:24-26, when God made the “small crawling animals”.  Then I spoke of how God made more creepy crawly insects than any other type of animal, so He must really like them.  I told everyone how incredible I thought it was that B10 manifested that very special part of God in himself, and how excited I was to know that B10 was moving forward on the path God had laid out for him.  Most importantly – that B10 knew in his heart that he wanted to be a scientist and that God was going to use him as a smart, Christian scientist.

GO was very concerned when B10 went underwater, and attached herself to him after he was dried off and changed clothes.

Special “thank you” to Cookie and Doc who came after their church service to see B10 and to Aunt K, who not only came, but graciously took pictures.

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(

Rotting Coconuts

I had no idea that coconuts could rot.

Technically – the coconut oil inside goes rancid and it forms black chunks.

It’s the most disgusting food I’ve ever seen…not to mention the smell.

Do not ask why, when confronted with a rotten coconut, Aunt K and I insisted on somehow breaking it open to see what it looked like inside.

This is Aunt K’s “I can’t get it open face”.  Don’t worry, we succeeded – eventually.

Sometimes I think I understand why God gave me two boys first….

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(

Grandparents Day

The Wee Learn Class (minus Sister Sheep)

Today was Grandparents Day at GO’s preschool.  Unfortunately – Cookie & Doc work on Thursdays and Granddaddy & Minnie Mouse live in Ohio.  The theme was “Grandparents are the building blocks of the family”.

Foreman GO

Silly Teachers

But GO had a “Special Friend” come and eat lunch with her – Queen!

Queen and GO

They took photos with their Special Friends, then had lunch in the giant gym (chicken salad mini pitas, applesauce, Teddy Grahams and petit fours).  GO picked out the petit fours all by herself at Publix!

Eating Lunch

Thank you, Queen, for filling in!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(

Raingutter Regata

Today was our first Cub Scout Raingutter Regata.  Each of the scouts made a boat, then they raced them in raingutters.

CW and His Boat

B10's Boat

No one got soaking wet, so overall – it was a success!

Princess' Race

Princess even came in second in her category!  (I don’t have a clue why I don’t have a photo of Prince and his boat…)

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(

Camping at General Coffee State Park

We spent the last four days at General Coffee State Park.  We wanted to go camping over Labor Day weekend with the Royal Family – and this was one of the only state parks in the entire state that still had campsites available.

It was AMAZING!  Even though there was a long drive, we had the best time at this incredible park.

B10 helped a Ranger save a turtle, we were able to see baby tortoises being born, we visited the Heritage Farm (a working farm) twice, took nature hikes, let the boys practice building fires, cooked out, tied ropes into fancy knots (even with a pulley system!), had free boiled peanuts, ate Sunday breakfast with the “Friends of General Coffee State Park”, my car broke down and I had to hike over a mile in the PITCH BLACK DARKNESS holding GO (never been so scared in my life…), lots of reading, napping, chasing ducks, fishing, catching bugs and taking pictures.

Lots of pictures!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you’re ever searching for a park to visit – I highly recommend visiting with Jay L. (the Park Manager), who’s running one of the nicest parks in the state of Georgia.  His staff was awesome and took the time to make our experience top-notch.  I wish we could have thanked them in some monetary way, the park is in danger of losing more staff – the entire Park system is in jeopardy of losing funding.

Bored?  Visit a state park.  It’s inexpensive and one of the best ways to remember how perfect God made this world, just for us.

~Mummy Butterfly )i(