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Camping – Day 4

Heading home…

Luckily, the rain stopped last night and it was only damp as we packed up the camper and prepared to head back.  We ate a quick breakfast, and really let the Caterpillars run around.

(Frankly, they are less help then it’s worth when trying to sweep out a tiny camper…)

Our basic routine is Hubby packs the car with the bags, as I sit in the camper and pack the bags and clean out the camper.  We have it down pat, and it moves pretty quickly.  Then, I rested (because STILL not feeling good) and Hubby helped the Royal Family.

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Overall, this was a great trip – even though I had a fever the entire time and didn’t feel my best, spending time with family and friends and out in nature is always a great way to celebrate Turkey Day.

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


Thanksgiving Camping – Day 3

AKA: The Rainy Day….

GO woke up in a bit of a “mood” – and when she finally got happy, the rest of the world was in a “mood” (thanks to the rainy weather).

Grouchy Face

Snuggling with her Daddy.

Princess reading her Cinderella Book.

Waiting for breakfast

It was not actually raining (though, it was damp) for breakfast.  We huddled around the fire to keep warm and the four older ones scootered through puddles, which only served to dampen clothing.

Going for Princess' book, this will not end well.

Finally out of the "mood" and ready to eat!

Bacon for Breakfast - no doubt about - GO's a Carnivore

Yum! Bacon!

The morning was spent napping and cleaning up for when the storms hit.

Queen and GO reading

Poor Abagail Adams is showing signs of being loved...

The adults had made the decision to visit a BBQ place in the tiny town about 11 miles from Florence Marina State Park.  When we drove by it on Turkey Day, it was a giant house (at the only four way stop in town), with a beautiful front porch.  We did not realize that you didn’t go INSIDE, everyone sat on the front porch to eat!

For the record, the other sign didn't say "take out".

the delicious menu (I had boiled peanuts)

Tee hee hee - funny t-shirt!

Lunch was a little colder than we had imagined it would be….  But delicious!

Look at those blue lips! He was FREEZING!

Not as cold as his brother, not as warm as his sister.

The “Our Butts Smell Good” t-shirts were nice, and had they been a little cheaper, we might have been sporting some.

GO, Me, CW

After lunch, we went back to the campers.  Hubby, B10 and CW went over to the Royal camper to watch movies while it rained.  Queen came over to visit GO and I as we napped and GO watched a bit more Sesame Street on iTunes.

This is the "Kiss My Striped Bottom" pose, by Little Miss Moody

Sitting on Hubby's side of the "bed" and eating goldfish....

For dinner, Queen cooked a delicious Chicken Stew, which was gobbled up (except for me, I’m still feeling under the weather – but I’ve GOT to get better soon!).

Then, to bed.  At this point in the evening, everyone is pretty sick and tired of each other.  Well – not the adults, but the Caterpillars and the Royal kids!  It was our longest rainy day ever camping, but we made it!  Hopefully tomorrow will be sunshine and dry!

SOOO not tired!

Snuggling on my side of the "bed", not even close to wanting to go to sleep!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(

Happy Turkey Day

I didn’t feel much better when waking up on Turkey Day – but the weather was warm(er) and the Caterpillars managed to not fight too much, so that was a positive.

It was a bit cool outside at first, but warmed up quickly.  We had a nice breakfast, but prepared for a slightly early lunch – because rain is predicted for tomorrow and we want to go see Providence Canyon State Park while we are down here.

Our holiday lunch menu consisted of turkey with gravy, yeast rolls cooked in a dutch oven, green bean casserole, asparagus (which CW LOVES – who knew???), cranberry sauce and special ginger ale to drink.  It was warm enough to wear t-shirts at this point in the day.

After lunch, we let the Caterpillars run around for a few minutes, while we cleaned up – then we piled in the car to head to Providence Canyon.  When we arrived, everyone loaded up and we headed down the trail.  We started out with GO in a stroller, but quickly had to abandon it on the side of the trail (don’t worry – it was there when we hiked back up).

There are five canyon beds to walk through, and it was amazing!  Queen and I saw the first two canyon beds, but by that time I was feeling really poorly and GO was fussy.  The three of us headed back to the car (so GO and I could nap) and I handed Hubby my camera.

He did a great job capturing the beauty of the other three canyons.

What is amazing about this site is that 150 years ago this was flat land.  Poor farming practices have enabled rain to cut through the ground.  Even now, Providence Canyon is getting deeper/larger.  Queen and I discussed how it is very possible that by the time we have grandchildren, they won’t be allowed to go into the Canyon at all.

Another really cool thing we saw was a flock of hawks.  There were between 75 and 100 hawks circling the Canyon, for almost 2 hours, before flying off.  I never seen such a thing before.

At home we had sandwiches and chips/carrots for dinner, while Queen baked a pumpkin pie in the Dutch oven for dessert.  King and Hubby popped a few containers of popcorn over the fire and we had a nice relaxing evening staying warm.

GO had taken too long of a nap, though, so while B10 and CW were showering (I believe in being clean – even while camping) I turned on my iTunes and let her watch a few Sesame Street episodes.  It was SO FUNNY to see her realize that the red critter on her diaper was actually ELMO.  She had never made that connection before.  Now it’s “Mel-Mo” this and “Mel-Mo” that.  The only other dolls/tv characters she loves like this is Olivia the Pig (on TV) and her Abigail Adams doll (from the Smithsonian).

After B10 and CW got back from the showers, everyone finally crashed hard – hiking and good food can make you ready for bed!

Hubby and I took a little while to just talk and read out books and enjoy the camping experience.  I’m hoping tomorrow I feel TONS better.

Warning – LOTS of pictures! 🙂

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~Mummy Butterfly  )i(

Thanksgiving Camping – Day 1

We had hoped to leave early for camping – but waking up with a 102 degree fever did NOT make that easy.  We were only running 15 minutes late, though – but then found the CHUNK of tire missing from one of the camper tires…  So that meant we had to go by the Camper place – which didn’t sell tires – so that meant we had to drive out to the ONLY tire place around (30 minutes in the wrong direction) that sells camper tires.  The Royals went on down to the campsite, and we followed about an hour behind.  Not TOO bad, but not when we wanted to leave either.

By the time we got the camper put up (and I use that term “we” loosely – I laid in the truck), it was almost dark.  We lit a fire, prepared coals and cooked chili in the Dutch Oven for dinner.

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Then off to bed, pretty early – in the hopes that I can feel better tomorrow.

~Mummy Butterfly )i(

Uncle Marine

Between our Cub Scout Pack and my Girl Scouts last year – we have managed to raise money to purchase A LOT of popcorn and cookies for Uncle Marine to share with his men and women.  He is currently serving our country on a ship on the other side of the world – and we are so proud of him.

To show you HOW BIG the pile is – this is GO standing next to the pile.

I know she's small - but it's still a tall pile of boxes!

And this is GO “calling” Uncle Marine on the phone to tell him how much popcorn and cookies are coming (plus – our Christmas present to Uncle Marine – that might be a little late!).

Calling Uncle Marine

We LOVE you, Uncle Marine!  Thank you for serving our country and keeping us safe!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(

NOOOOOO! Cat Dish Fiasco!

Hubby started the bathwater, then set GO down on the rug next to the tub.  Then he went to get her jammies.

When he returned – he found THIS:

Why is the food in the WATER dish???

And she was doing THIS:

Little Miss Innocent

At least it was an easy clean-up!  😀

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(

Special Dinner

In a funny twist, the Royal Family called and asked us to have dinner with them.  We got everyone dressed – GO in her jammies – and loaded the car up, just as the Royals pulled into OUR driveway!

We were both confused and thought we were eating at the OTHER family’s house, so we decided to head to Cici’s Pizza and let them cook instead.

Other than the fact that GO wasn’t wearing any shoes (or “real” clothes for that matter), we were fine to go out.

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It always cracks me up how much the Caterpillars and the Royal Kids NEED to see each other, even when we are getting ready to leave to go camping with them for four days!

Queen and I were meal planning for the trip, so that was a very important reason to get together.  That and spending time with our friends.  🙂

~Mummy Butterfly )i(