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New Year’s Eve

Our New Year’s Eve was quiet.  We ended up cleaning and sorting through piles of last year’s stuff (mostly boxes and junk from my truck).  GO ran around wearing her Princess Olivia crown and waving her wand (though she kept trying to march like a drum major at times).

Princess GO

At least we weren't HITTING with it!

We had dinner at the local Pizza restaurant (Stone Mountain Pizza Cafe), where GO managed to eat an entire adult slice of pepperoni pizza (plus about half a soft pretzel)!

She loved the lemons - she made this face every time, but kept asking for more!

A variation of the "I Love Lemon" Face.

There's a smile!

By bedtime (earlier than midnight), we were worn out – and even the “wide awake” GO was ready to be in pajamas and playing with her monkey and pig.

Monkey, GO and Pig

GO and Pig (well, Pig's ear...)

Happy New Year!  2011 was not bad, but 2012 will be wonderful!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


Lego Fun

Lego DragonCon Parade!

Queen called me late last week and said she had read in the newspaper about this giant Lego display.  So this afternoon we headed to Roswell to find the Lego fun!

I had coupons for free pizza for the kids – but the Pizza Hut was SHUT DOWN! (So upset, this is the second restaurant in a week that I’ve tried to go to that was closed.)  We ended up going to the Havel Indian Restaurant and having a buffet, it was DELICIOUS!  My favorite part was when GO kept eating curry chicken – then she would stop and say “my mouth hurt”, take two sips of water, and shove more chicken in her mouth.

We ate lunch and moved on to the Honda Car Dealership – and I give them credit for having no “sales pressure”, it was just open in their lobby and you were greeted kindly and given a “scavenger hunt” sheet to complete as you walked around the giant display (with over 500,000 bricks).

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Afterwards, it was time for GO to take a nap – and B10 to head off to spend New Year’s Eve playing Dungeons and Dragons with Prince and King.  I think she AND I took naps on the way home!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(

“My” Christmas with B10 and GO

Oh yes, that blur is GO who has figured out where presents come from - UNDER THE TREE!

Due to lots of factors, B10 and GO still had not opened their Christmas presents from me!  So we woke them up early, and went to Dunkin Donuts for a box of munchkins, then sat around the Christmas Tree to open gifts.

The funniest part was watching GO take 15 minutes to nibble a single munchkin (but, of course, always had a spare in the other hand), while B10 was shoving 2-3 in his mouth at once… Chipmunk Cheeks!

Carefully eating a Munchkin (her "stocking" stuff is in the background).

Look at his cheeks bulge... Nothing careful there!

Also humorous – when you hold up a camera, GO stops everything she is doing to “pose” for you with a smile…  Perhaps we’ve taken too many pictures?  (Is that possible?)

She actually put DOWN the present to smile.

B10 loved his books (he also got a movie and Civil War computer game).  (However, he also got all pre-teen on me and didn’t want his picture taken…  As you’ll notice from the Lego Pictures, that only lasted about two hours…)

GO couldn’t get over her Olivia the Pig Dress Up Trunk – or the pajamas for Mulan (her birthday present from Granddaddy and Minnie Mouse).

Can you see Mulan? GO is "helping" Mulan open her present (a new pair of pajamas).

Showing off her new "angel" wings.

It was probably the closest to a “traditional Christmas morning” that we had together…  Which, of course, didn’t happen until December 31st.  That’s our life!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(

B10 and CW’s Birthday Outing

For the first time, the boys agreed on a cake - Chocolate w/Vanilla Frosting.

So, I’m a bad mum…  I simply didn’t pull out my camera until pretty much the end of the party.  And at that point I was hanging out with GO on the little playground, or sitting with other adults, while the older Caterpillars ran like banshees around the enclosed playground.

Here is my pitiful slideshow of pictures – you can visit BooSheep’s blog, as she was an incredible Aunt, in order to see a few more (ie: better) photos of the day.

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Bottom line, though, is that B10 and CW had a blast being with their friends.  CW got to see some of his Cub Scout friends, and overall it was a great day!  That is what is important!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(

A Relaxing Day

Sweet Twin Cousins

We spent today just hanging out as a family – in the evening we let the kids open birthday presents, but overall it was more about football projections and cake flavors.  🙂

It was really wonderful to have CW home.  Especially getting to see him play with his cousins, B10 and GO. I will miss him when he returns to his Dad’s house for the rest of the school year.

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The bubbles were a huge hit for both the little girls and the big boys (thanks Minnie Mouse and Granddaddy – and BooSheep for breaking out the “extra bubble solution” when the first batch ran low)!

Lunch was Moe’s and dinner was chili made by Uncle FirefighterSheep (delicious)!  A relaxing day, but a great one!

Boo Sheep’s Blogs about “Christmas”: Post 1  and Post 2

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(

The “Grown-up” Christmas “Evening”

Geaux Tigers!

After our BBQ Dinner (YUM!), we finished the evening by exchanging the presents for the adults.  It’s fun to realize that we know each other so well, that we get gifts we all enjoy.  I LOVE Christmas!

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By the end of the gift exchanging, the kids were getting tired.  CW was spending the night with Brother Sheep, so I put GO in her pajamas and B10 helped me take her home to put her to bed!

Merry (late) Christmas!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(

The “Christmas” Evening

The Family Photo

The little girls woke up from their naps, and we got ready to open little people gifts – but first – the annual C-Family Photograph (with a few “Y’s” in there)!

Someone still needed a little "naptime" in Granddaddy's lap...

Kid gifts before dinner – BBQ for dinner – then grownup gifts after.

Best part…teaching the almost-three-year olds how to gamble (yes, that is an authentic Japanese Slot Machine).

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Merry Christmas (again)!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(