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Stray Kitten

There has been a stray kitten wandering around the apartment.  My guess is that it belongs to someone, but they don’t really want it, so they just stick it outside most of the time.

Thank GOODNESS she is wearing a collar, I don’t want to imagine the sobbing that would be going on (from my children…or maybe from me), if we didn’t know she had a “home” of sorts.  She’s constantly trying to get into our apartment and snuggle with us, though, so she really loves people.

I can’t wait to have kittens again.  I miss my baby.  😦

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


Swimming with Friends

Today, Otto was able to take off of work, the Sheeps came to visit AND NC and her Mummy came over to play!  It was a morning at the pool (which we had all to ourselves).

We enjoyed swimming, with the little ones jumping in over and over.  I sat on the edge, with my feet in the water and tried not to get TOO wet from the splashing.  😀  B10 and CW perfected their cannonballs, while the younger set practiced getting back and forth across the water.

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It was so nice, knowing that both BooSheep and NC’s Mum (31Mum, we shall call her) have to start back at work pretty much every day next week.  So this was our last big summer bash with friends!

Makes me sad that the next step is football and school starting (which I love), then cold weather (which I hate!).  Ah, I guess summer has to end at some point…

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(

Swimming – the “Go To Free Summer Activity”

Apparently, if you’re in the neighborhood and stop by to see the Caterpillars – we are going to invite you swimming.  This was the case for the VO family – Mum and 3 of the 5 kiddos came over to swim and hang out by the pool.

The boys playing on the far side.

The oldest Boy VO.

The boys had a blast in the “deep” end (less than 5 feet), while 1/2 of the H/E twins played with GO (who was quite happy to have attention on herself!).

GO and her “friend” for the day…

I love the pool!  It really is one of the best parts of living in an apartment during the summer.  I’m not sure WHAT we will do next year, when we have to a) pay and b) drive to go swimming!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(

Helper Bee

Surveying her Kingdom

This summer, I was the Director of a 2-week Theatre Camp at our church.  For the second week, GO was my little “Helper Bee” and her favorite part was preparing snacks for the campers.  Twice, we baked fresh chocolate chip cookies – and she even wore her “Bee” suit to help make the cookies.

Making sure they are done.

Putting the “leftovers” back in the fridge.

Scooping out the goodies!

Such a cutie pie!  Even when she drives me crazy, I am so in love with this little girl.  (And I’m quite aware of where that stubborn streak came from, thank you very much…)

She did SUCH a great job! Perfect size portions!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


I actually managed to get into the water this time, much to B10 and CW’s delight!  It was hot outside and the water was warm, which is perfect for me.  I hate cold water!

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I do love swimming, though – it feels so wonderful!  And I love playing water games with the boys, they are some of my favorite people on this planet!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


Waiting to go in!

Otto took today off of work, also, in order to spend time with the boys and do things that aren’t necessarily “up GO’s alley”.  While I think she would have enjoyed LEGOLAND, it was also MUCH easier to do the things B10 and CW wanted to do without her!

First, I cannot stress this enough – BUY YOUR TICKETS AHEAD OF TIME and ARRIVE EARLY.  Or, just buy the after 4pm tickets and arrive late.  Either way, the lines are long and it’s always a little crowded.  I wasn’t pleased with the number of daycares they allowed in – mostly because they simply didn’t have enough adult supervision (or the adults were all sitting in the snack area eating pizza/drinking sodas and letting the kids run wild).

There was only one thing CW didn’t get to do that he wanted to do – and that was the bouncy area.  B10 wanted to see the movie, but they let one daycare person stand in line for the entire daycare – FOUR SHOWS IN A ROW, so we didn’t get to see a movie either.  Luckily, we have most of the Lego Movies on-Demand from Cable, it would have just been cool to see it on a big screen. 🙂

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I think our favorite part as a whole was doing the Master Builder Workshop.  They only let 6 families/small groups in at a time and for 25 minutes we had an instructor explain how to “build something” like a LEGO Master Builder.  This week was large blocks, used to create the giant skyscrapers in the “Mini Atlanta” exhibit.  It was really cool!

Each boy got a small LEGO brick and two mini-figures once we left, not a huge “gift” but a nice surprise.  🙂

For lunch we ate at Johnny Rocket’s (right outside LEGOLAND – also had a line, but not bad).  I love their burgers and fries, so it’s a special treat for me to eat there.

A wonderful morning outing!  I would go again, but would rather do it on a day with no field trips!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(

4th of July

Me and Otto

We spent the morning at my Sister, BooSheep’s, House and went to the parade out in her hometown.  It’s one of those perfect small towns, with the old-fashioned parade (full of scouts and local businesses).  We had a blast in our “red, white & blue” and the boys had fun with their cousins (GO was at her Daddy’s).

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I love living close to a big city, but close to a place like this, too!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(