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March Meal Plan

February’s Meal Plan went so well – I am continuing into March.  However, we still have a LOT of stuff in freezer/cabinets, so I’ve planned the first few days of March as a “Pantry Clean” (sort of like the month of January).

I hope this will keep me from having TOO much STUFF in my freezer/pantry/fridge.  Also, it will help with the food budget – if I USE what we have before SPENDING money on more – then I can afford special treats (like ice cream w/coupon).

The other thing I learned from February is that I need to space out my grocery list.  Yes, I can do most of my shopping in one huge trip at the beginning of the month.  But I need to budget and list things for each week.  To show that, this week I’ll be working on four grocery lists, one for each week in March (not including the Pantry Clean week).  I hope to have that posted by Friday.

Without further ado:

C3 March Meal Plan

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Stone Mountain Park – The Hike

It’s odd not having Cub Scouts two weeks in a row, but we managed to fill the time by spending the afternoon with the Royals.  Both GO and I had a rough morning (feeling nauseous and having upset tummies), but the sunshine was making it better.

The idea was for Hubby to get some hiking in, and for the boys to find Hiking Sticks for their Boy Scout years.  I think we all got distracted by the cool mountain!

Then, as a surprise, we let them take off their shoes and roll up their pants and wade in the creek!

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(I LOVE the south!)

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Sneak Peek of the Photo Session

Me and My Caterpillars

For Christmas, Cookie requested photos of the Caterpillars and Sheeps together.  She even bought them matching outfits!  (ADORABLE ones, I might add!)

Caterpillars and Sheeps

Here’s a sneak peek of what you might see when Easter Cards come out…  Or perhaps sooner!

My Sweet B10

My Incredible CW

My Darling GO

All Together:

the Boys (B10, CW, Brother Sheep)

the girls (Sister Sheep, GO)

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GO absolutely adores Olivia the Pig.  We watch her cartoon daily, and she LOVES to sing the theme song.

As a surprise, I used the iTunes Gift Card Hubby gave me for Valentine’s Day to purchase an Olivia episode for my iPod.

Singing "OLIVIA"!

GO sat still for the entire 23 minutes with the earbuds in.  She was so amazed!

Listening with the earbuds.

I know what I’ll be purchasing before our next long trip!

Queen Olivia

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CW Teaching GO

So CW is a huge fan of building things and mechanical (not necessarily in the “electronic” sense) and I love it when he shares that with his little sister.  This slideshow, with him helping her, it makes me happy as a Mum.

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PJ Reading Day

Today was PJ Reading Day at GO’s preschool.  Hubby took the day off of work to read to her class – Uncle Firefighter was there, too!  (I think it was pretty cool that they had TWO daddies reading!)

All the kids "reading" books.

We made a special day of it – having breakfast at McDonald’s (Hubby LOVES their new oatmeal – and I had a coupon to get it for free!), then spending the morning at the library near the school (except for the part where we were AT the school), then Wendy’s for lunch.

Hubby with "Splat the Cat"

At school, Hubby read Splat the Cat.

Reading to GO and Sister Sheep

Everyone seemed very interested (for 2 year olds…).

I read Belly Button Book and The Barnyard Dance – the kids danced all over the place – you could tell Sister Sheep and GO had read the book before!

GO and Hubby

GO dancing to "The Barnyard Dance"

Sister Sheep and GO

Sister Sheep (SUCH a cutie!)

Getting ready to wash hands for snack time!

I love that Hubby is able to make time (and DOES make time) to experience life with the Caterpillars.  The memories that he makes with them are important.  I am so proud of his commitment to our family.

Hubby and GO heading home.

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While the World Watched – Book Review

While the World Watched
by Carolyn Maull McKinstry

In 1963, at Sixteenth Street Baptist Church – it was Youth Sunday.  Carolyn Maull McKinstry was in charge of collecting the Sunday School reports and writing the Sunday School Summary to be announced during church.  She realized as she stood in the doorway of the Girl’s Restroom, chatting with her best friends, that she would be late to the office if she didn’t hurry off.

Which is why she lived when the bomb set by the Ku Klux Klan exploded at 10:22 am.

Her four friends didn’t.

I’m not sure that Mrs. McKinstry meant for the reader to have anger or sadness when reading the book.  I am quite sure that my emotions are naught compared to the thoughts of a 15 year old girl who watched her church – the only safe haven she had – become a battlefield.

I cannot say I am ashamed, because I don’t take on the guilt of what happened simply because of my skin colour.  I can say I am furious that someone B10’s age can become a victim in a unholy battle.  Angered at the COWARDLY men who fought behind hidden masks and were granted immunity for their actions.  Most of all, I am shocked, because I’m not that old.

1963 was not that long before I was born.  It is well within my parents’ lifetimes.  The fact that in 1978 (AFTER I was born), Birmingham was still suffering the ramifications of segregation shocks me.  But in every extreme is it an excellent recounting.  This book is a wonderful first-hand account of a strong woman.  She suffers greatly, and makes mistakes that she hands over to the Lord.  Her walk with Jesus and her time with Martin Luther King, Jr. is inspiring.

Most of all, her book makes me want to learn more, it makes me want to pack the Caterpillars up in a car and drive to Sixteenth Street Baptist Church and show them what Satan can do when he attacks.  And what Christ can do when He heals.

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(

(Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.  I am not required to write a positive review.)