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One Year Later…

It’s fitting that it’s been a year since I posted my last blog post – and it was about my “New Normal”.

I’ve found that my commitment to finding my “Best Yes” has been an ongoing challenge (as it is for almost any parent in today’s society).  I’m still struggling to find what is my best use of my time.  I’m still AHG Troop Coordinator for GO’s troop (though, we have a new coordinator that will take over next year, and I’ll step back to be her assistant).  I’m now the 3rd Grade Director at church (but, have given up the check-in desk to my Meggy).  And I’m committed to working the staff nursery for the two younger Caterpillars, every Tuesday, and I’m loving my year as KB’s Room Mum (this teacher has had GO, Went, and KB – and I’ve been her Room Mum all three years!).

Our family has changed a bit, we added a Meggy.  She’s an amazing dear-heart who loves the kids like they are her own siblings.  She makes our house complete.

We, also, have been dealing with a very sick kid.  Nothing we can talk about on social media, for many reasons, but things that have taken up much of our time and prayers in the last four months.

Add that to the fact that two of the Caterpillars are graduating this year – and you have the recipe for a crazy and wild ride.

I’m not sure what the normal is going to be.  I certainly haven’t found it in the last year, and not sure when I will find it.  I do know that I have missed blogging very much.  This was an outlet for ME – it’s nice that others read it, but it was a place for me to get out my thoughts and it was my personal space out in the world.  I think I will be blogging, again, for me.  A place to leave lots of pictures, which I miss taking.  If you come by my corner of the internet, feel free to leave a comment.

Thanks for coming by.

Welcome back,
Mummy Butterfly  )i(