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Picture Day!

Such a cutie!

Today was GO’s picture day at school.  I had the PERFECT outfit picked out – and a schoolmate’s Mum made the cute bows that matched!  Overall, I think she’s looking pretty precious.

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I can’t wait to see how the professional pictures came out!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


Saying Goodbye :(

Auntie M had to leave early this morning, but before I drove her to her next stop on her whirlwind tour of the south, we had to take “goodbye pictures”.

GO refused to say goodbye.

She also refused to actually GET in the picture (it took creativity on mine and Cookie’s part…)

My Caterpillars crack me up…  WE MISS YOU, AUNTIE M!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(

B10’s Day

Tuesday was B10’s day with Auntie M, and we headed out to take GO to school, with a quick stop along the way.  I had to work nursery for staff devotion, so I dropped off B10 and Auntie M at the local coffee shop, Time Well Spent.

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As a special treat, he even had one of his friends meet us up there to play computer for the last hour.

I love having friends who just want to live life with me (and ADORE my Caterpillars!).

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(

Big Music

Top of the Bell Trail

This morning was “GO’s Day” with Auntie M.  Now, she has family in our area, but has only been to Stone Mountain Park once, so this morning we decided to take her to the Carillon Bells (aka: Big Music).

I love how she's not actually touching the ground in this photo...

Help Olivia "walk"

The path is a beautiful one through the woods.  It’s not to long, but treks out to a little peninsula.  GO ran, skipped, jumped and generally enjoyed her walk with her new “Olivia” doll.

GO and her new OLIVIA Doll

About half-way down is the room where the Player sits and plays.  We stopped to sit on the stone risers and make “Acorn People”.  GO then stuffed her pockets full of the Acorn heads and we continued on.

Drawing Acorn People

The lone Acorn Person that made it...

Helping Auntie M "Draw"

There is a low stone wall that borders one side, with a drop into the water.  From there is a gorgeous view of the mountain, and the geese swim back and forth to the mainland.

I love that "Jesse Hair" swinging...

She's yelling "HI GOOSES!" and waving frantically.

Almost to the Bells

On the other side was a low bank filled with ducks.  GO decided they needed to “eat acorns”, which quickly translated to “throwing Acorn People into the water at the ducks”.  (Only one managed to be saved…Auntie Mel said it’s just the life cycle…)

Ducks on a Rock

Watching the Ducks

The wind-up and throw of the Acorn People into the water...

At the end of the peninsula is the actual bells.  They ring every hour/half-hour, and since we were there in the morning, we didn’t get to hear the concerts that play twice a day.  (They are taped during the week, and live on the weekend.)

The Carillon Bells

GO and I laid down to listen and look up at the “BIG MUSIC”.

Looking at the Bells

Olivia, GO and Auntie M

After we were done at the Carillon Bells, we headed back up the path to find lunch (Hardee’s – Auntie M doesn’t have Hardee’s near her up north), before heading home for naptime.

Tired Little Legs (for only a moment...)

She declared she needed a rest, and sat down right here, just like that!

I think a Duck had just eaten a fish... Either way, a loud splash made her giggle!

We had a wonderful morning!  (Tonight GO is helping Auntie M and I prepare Cows in a Blanket!)

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(

Grandparents Day 2011

Today was Grandparents Day at GO’s school, and she was overwhelmed with love!  It was a fancy picnic with four adults and three kiddos (GO, Brother Sheep and Sister Sheep).

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Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and GO must have had a wonderful time, because she SACKED OUT as soon as I put her in the car for the drive home!

(And can I say I was particularly pleased with the dress?  Aunt CC suggested it last Christmas – and this was the first time it really fit her, but it was beautiful!)

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(

Perhaps Not My Best Move…

So, this baby critter needed to be saved.

See how tiny it was?

So I saved it.

YES – I know it is a copperhead, but it promised me it would never bite a human, since I saved it’s little life.

Look at that face! How could you not trust it?

What?  You’re telling me snakes LIE?  That’s why they lost their LEGS?

Darn it….I’ve been snookered!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(

All By Myself…. (Okay, not really….)

…but MOSTLY all by myself!

See, I knew that I needed one of those “fancy” things to hold all the random plastic grocery bags.  Usually, I am very good about bringing my reusable grocery sacks, but every once in a while I either forget, or choose not to, because the plastic ones are handy for trash can liners in the bathrooms and to hold wet stuff.

BUT – where do you find such things?  I actually figured out (IN MY HEAD) how to make one, then Queen was gracious enough to let me use her sewing machine to do it.  (She also provided the elastic and the ribbon, but I put it all together!)

I turned this:

The Fabric Lump

Into this:

The Finished Product

I am super-proud of myself!  (Now, who wants one for Christmas?  I’m thinking of making myself a LSU one next…)

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(