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What I Love Wednesday

What I Love Wednesday – (for other “WILW” posts visit Jamie at This Kind of Love).

This week I’m in love with TV.  I am usually in love with television, but I’ve been rather behind on watching this year.  I should take that as a GOOD sign – lots more real life to live, but I miss the escapism of a good show.  For your viewing pleasure, my current favorite TV shows are (in random order):

1) Top Chef – we watched this show live every week, otherwise there’s no point!  (Also watched Last Chance Kitchen.)  Lots of bullies, but lots of great food.  I’ve never liked the bullies on this show, but supposedly the judging is on the food, not the personality.  That being said – the people who win are usually AWESOME!

2) Amazing Race – I don’t have any “loves” yet, or “hates”, but Bopper and Mark are pretty awesome!

3) Storage Wars – only the original.  Brandi and Jarrod rock and Barry is always there to make you laugh.  On the other hand, Dave Hester just makes for bad TV.  He’s almost made me want to stop watching.

4) AlcatrazSee this post.  😀

5) Grey’s Anatomy – the only “soap opera drama” show I like.  And I do love it.  (You with me, Edelweiss?)

6) NCIS and NCIS:LA – Top dramas on my list!

7) Castle – gotta love this witty drama!  Who doesn’t love Castle?

8) FRINGE! – I love this show…I love Joshua Jackson.  The two can get confused in my head, but Walter is like icing on a cake.

9) Mike & Molly/How I Met Your Mother – my only real comedies on the list.  🙂

10) Person of Interest – started watching because of Jim Caviezel, kept watching because it’s incredible.

11) The Big Bang Theory – I wish you could put music on WordPress…  My favorite theme song.  🙂

And of course if you include my daytime tv watching, then Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Olivia have to go on the list.  😉

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


It’s a 3rd Grade Hoedown!

I can remember 3 years ago when Prince was a 3rd grader, and we went to the 3rd Grade Hoedown.  So the anticipation was high as we got ourselves together for Princess’ 3rd Grade Hoedown!

She was all decked out in her “Cowgirl Best” and she did some right awesome square dancing.

Princess was tired of her hat at one point, so GO was quite excited to become a “cowgirl”, too, just like Princess.

We had a blast!  I really love how I can take the Caterpillars to experience things like this and it’s special not only for them, but it’s special for Princess to have guests come see her!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(

Friday’s Featured Bloggers

Today I’m “featuring” some friends of mine who have children.  You might call these “Mommy Bloggers”.  I don’t.  These women tend to blog for their own friends and families, far-off grandparents who enjoy pictures of the grandkids and as an online scrapbook for themselves.

I love these women, because they are my family and friends.  Watching their kids grow up in person, or online if they are far away, is a great privilege.

First, BooSheep.  Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows this is my sister, and one of my favorite people in the world.  She has two beautiful Lambs: Sister Sheep and Brother Sheep, and she is one of the best “memory” bloggers I know.  I love how her kids are going to be able to see their childhood someday, and know how much their Mum loved them.

The Girls 🙂

Second, CC and her Garden Girls.  I love being able to keep up with these four girls when they live so far away, and I have always found strength is reading CC’s blog.  She deals with so many emotions around having her husband deployed (he is a Marine) and homeschooling her girls, and she strives very hard to be real and not put on the fake “all sugar and smiles” front that so many bloggers feel like they have to show to the world.  She’s one of the strongest people I know.  🙂

Finally, a Scouting friend – Ashley.  Ashley’s blog is Ashley.  It covers all the things important to her (Scouting, her kids, animals, her husband, her dreams) and leaves out the stuff that isn’t.  I kind of wish I had the ability to ignore the things that don’t matter.  🙂  I love reading Ashley’s blog, because it’s so unpretentious.  Plus, she’s a very creative and smart Mum, so her kids do AWESOME things!   AND she LOVES animals!  (B10 likes looking at pictures on her blog!)

Please visit and say hello, I think you’ll find a few new favorites.  🙂

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(

What I Love Wednesday

What I Love Wednesday – (for other “WILW” posts visit Jamie at This Kind of Love).

I am loving Pintrest.

Who would have thought it?  Such a brilliantly simple idea (most brilliant ideas are simple, I guess) – boards!  Easily organized boards!

Some of my favorite items from Pintrest that I am recently loving are:

1) This Ladybug Cake (Yes, I know it’s a “wedding” cake…but it’s LADYBUGS!):

BEAUTIFUL - I'm thinking even surrounded by cupcakes with Ladybugs. 🙂

2) This Hula Hoop Fort (I really want to make one to go over GO’s bed like a canopy!):

For over GO's bed, or a reading corner.

3) This Green Dress (LOVE IT, but not the price tag!):

"I feel pretty, oh so pretty!"

Have you found anything awesome on Pintrest lately?  (See to the right?  Now you can follow me!) 😀

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(

Stone Mountain Park

Today was GO’s last day out of school on her break, so we headed out for the day.  Our morning was spent at the local grocery store buying pasta for the local food bank (110 boxes!  YAY FOR DEALS!).  Then we dropped off the pasta and grabbed lunch at the next grocery store, before heading to Stone Mountain Park to play at the playground.

Playing on the Big Kid Playground.

Sliding down the Little Kid Slide.

It wasn’t easy to convince GO to actually EAT first, but she had a blast running around.  When we moved to the “little kid” playground, she had even more fun (mostly because she had it all to herself).

On the playground!

We ended at the park by walking down to the Carillon.  The music was playing, and it was beautiful!  By the time we had walked back to the truck, she was ready for her nap.

I love the critters that come to play near the "island".

Beautiful Music

It was a great day outside, a little chilly, but nice and sunny – and a little Caterpillar with a sweet disposition.  I do love being with her!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(

Hi Blog Stalkers!

Welcome to everyone who’s found The C3 Tree, however you found it.

My site stats have gone crazy in the last day – apparently I’ve become a place for blog stalkers!  YAY!

No, really, YAY!  I stalk other people’s blogs, so I understand.  Feel free to leave a comment, though.  I’d love to hear from you.  (You can even be anonymous!)

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(

Friday’s Featured Bloggers

For the next few weeks, I want to share some of my favorite blogs with those who visit me.  Most of them aren’t “big” bloggers – but I know most of them personally and love what each one brings to the table.  I also think they are easily accessible and deserve wider platforms and views!  😉

This week it’s food-time!  (I’m telling you, Knives at Dawn made me HUNGRY all week!)

First up is Life, In Recipes.  This is a woman I’ve known for 7 years, and I’ve seen this blog from the very beginning (and I mean the VERY beginning).  It’s evolved into a beautiful collection of recipes and real life – her chicken pictures and pictures of her two handsome sons are my favorites.  Her eye for design combines with her impressive ability to mix flavors in new ways to create amazing edible works of art.  Here is just one photo example (Pork, Rutabaga and Kale Hash):

She's a cook AND a photographer... I'm constantly in awe.

Life, in Recipes is my food mentor.  I was born with allergies, that have only gotten worse in time, but she’s never allowed that to stop me from trying new food.  As silly as it sounds – I had never eaten spinach (ew, gross!), red velvet cake (allergies!) or tried Honey Ginger Dressing (weird…).  Today, however, there is spinach in my fridge for salad (my favorite green), Honey Ginger Dressing to go on top (though I prefer her homemade version) and I remember the week she spent creating (and recreating until it was perfect) a Red Velvet Cupcake I could eat.  (She still makes me a batch on my birthday sometimes.)  🙂

She gave me a love of food, beyond my love of cooking, and absolutely gave me the confidence to make mistakes in the kitchen.  Plus, she’s a great teacher.  My desire for healthier food for my Caterpillars and sustainable living is directly tied to her desire to educate.

Oh, and she’s one of my best friends.  😀

Next up is Jokes and Snacks.  I’m almost not sure where to begin…  Anyone who can relate cooking to 1980-90’s pop music is amazing in that alone.  I met Jokes and Snacks 5 (I think) years ago.  I love her, because her blog IS her.  If you know this woman in real life, you will find yourself reading the blog in your head in her voice.  (It works better that way, she has great timing on jokes.)

This is a witty blog, with excellent step-by-step directions.  I love how she doesn’t expect you to know anything about cooking, but at the same time it never feels condescending.  B10 loves looking at the pictures and wants to make just about every recipe she puts up.  I appreciate the fact that she has an opinion (what foodie doesn’t?), but never makes you feel dumb for needing more clarification.  She might make you feel dumb for not knowing the referenced TLC or MC Hammer song…but if you’re my age you have no excuse.

Oh, and she’s an amazing photographer, too!  Witness her Steak and Potatoes:

I want this, minus the asparagus, but the steak and sweet potatoes...YUM!

Always inspiring.

Ree - from her website

Finally, “everyone’s favorite” Pioneer Woman Cooks.  I won’t go into much detail, because Ree doesn’t need me shilling for her (and anyone who visits her blog will fall in love).  But this was the first foodie blog I really read.  And I still go back upon occasion to figure out how to cook some slab of meat.  And – the pictures – oh the pictures!

The one thing that ties these three ladies together is their “realness”.  When mistakes are made in the kitchen, they don’t cover them up. Instead they are frank and upfront and then they keep going.  I feel more confident in my own abilities when I read their blogs.  Not to mention all the great ideas!  Please visit and say hello, I think you’ll find a few new favorites.  🙂

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(