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Dance, Dance, Dance

Cookie and Aunt M agreed to play Just Dance Wii with CW…

I think CW expected to blow them out of the water… but Cookie can shake a mean Wii-mote.  (She won, every time…  As she put it, she was doing those 70’s dances in the 70’s…)

GO tried to dance, too, without the Wii- mote.

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


Picnic and Playground

Queen and I decided to take the kids out on a picnic.  We both have parking passes to the local attraction (Stone Mountain Park), so it was a free outing, and the kids actually enjoyed themselves.

Prince and B10 showing off the Blue Tailed Skink to GO.It wouldn't be a C3 outing if it didn't involve critters!

Queen and I staked out a picnic table under a pavilion, but right next to the playground, and let them run for about 45 minutes before lunch.

CW and Prince eating lunch in the shade.

Then we let them run for another 30-45 minutes, before the heat was too much for everyone!

Tiniest Frog I've ever seen! It was smaller than B10's thumbnail!

I love free fun!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(

Visiting the Aquarium

Today GO and I were able to visit the Georgia Aquarium, because wonderful Uncle J was visiting and took us (along with The Sheeps) to lunch and then out to “visit the fishies”!

Lunch was at the Varsity, I didn’t take my camera in, but Boo did (you can see her post here).  GO did great and ate her entire lunch (hot dog, fries, chocolate milk and one of Auntie Boo’s onion rings).

We were able to see the entire “fishie place” and GO LOVED the Dolphin Show (“Dolphins Dance MUMMY!”).

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I am hoping to have time (and energy) to get a lot of blog posts up in the next two weeks, but it’s going to be a busy two weeks – lots of changes ahead for our little family.

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(

Dress Like A Cow Day

Every year Chick-fil-a has a “Dress Like a Cow and Eat Free” Day.

We (Cookie, GO and I) headed out to where the Sheeps’ live to celebrate with them in a truly mooooving tribute to Chicken.

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Tee hee hee – I love Dress Like a Cow Day!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(