Playing at the Park

Hot Little Caterpillars/Sheep

Today we went to the park out near the Sheep house to play with Brother Sheep and Sister Sheep.  We packed a picnic lunch, so we could eat at the little tables, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

Giving Sweet Hugs

Playing on the Big Playground

I can’t wait until it’s a little cooler and we can bring some of our other friends out to play here.  (The Caterpillars LOVE the tall treehouse.)

It's HOT Mummy!

Playing Together and Sharing

Lime Face!

Where is CW you ask?  Hiding on the Big Kid playground…  He wasn’t going to stop for any stinking photo till we made him!

I just LOVE seeing the Caterpillars with Sister Sheep and Brother Sheep!

Sweet Sister Sheep

Brother Sheep Concentrating

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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