Kindergarten Graduation


My girl graduates from Kindergarten today. For many (most) families, this is a silly little thing, sentimental, yes, but not much different than if they put a “graduation” on 5th grade or 8th grade.

For us, though, this is a special day. GO has spent five years at this school – the longest she will likely ever be in one place. This was her last day in a traditional classroom setting until she leaves for college. It will be over a decade before we celebrate like this for her again.

Look at her:

The smattering of freckles is my favorite...

The smattering of freckles is my favorite…

She’s amazing. Smart. Funny. Kind. Caring. Creative, oh so creative. I love her sense of humor (and her made-up jokes). I love how she tries SO HARD not to hurt anyone’s feelings, even if it means she hurts herself. I love how she faces her fears (even when she is immobilized with terror).

I remember when Boo called me to tell me the story of how GO faced her fear of the giant CFA Cow to obey my instructions. In retrospect, it is a funny story – but it speaks to how much she tries to listen and take care of her responsibilities, even when it’s hard.

I remember her first day of school, she fell asleep on Mrs. L’s lap, after playing all day.

FirstDayBB2010 116


FirstDayofPreschoolMummy FirstDayofPreschoolBackpack FirstDayofPreschool

I remember her first Fall Harvest Fest.

FallHarvest10 425

And her last Fall Harvest Fest and Thanksgiving Feast (the pigtails got a little longer…).

BBPKindergartenThanksgivingFeast (17)

And all the ones in-between.

I am a lucky, oh-so-lucky, mum to know that she is coming home to be with me. Where I can guide and help shape her as we homeschool. But I am beyond grateful to this precious school that stood beside us for five years and helped make her the girl she is today. My heart is filled with joy and a tinge of sadness that tonight she walks through these doors for the last time as a student.

I love you, my precious and precocious GO.  I am going to cry tonight, but know those are tears of happiness and pride.


Your Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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  1. I’m not ready for her to be a first grader. Or for my GG to be a kindergartner. When did they get so big? Love and congratulations to GO!


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