Room Mum: Summertime Already?

Okay, it’s not anywhere NEAR summertime, but every once in a while – inspiration strikes at the oddest moment and you just have to RUN with it.

I despise “the Wal-Mark”.  My mother loves it, but I never can find the nice employees (and I KNOW they exist, because they work every shift my mother walks in), and I can’t find the right merchandise, and it’s not going to be signed correctly.  And there’s the business practices we won’t even go into here.  Then there’s the major downside of not having a Starbucks inside.  Or popcorn (yes, Target, I love you for your Starbucks and Popcorn).

But tonight, I had the specific last gift to purchase for my wonderful nephew.  I had put it off, because Amazon didn’t have what I wanted, and it was easier to have my sister on the phone telling me exactly what to get (surprises are fun – making an 8 year old giddy with joy, since you found the RIGHT Skylander is even better).  “The Wal-Mark” was the best place to purchase said Skylander.

Once we got inside, it only made sense to sweep the Christmas Clearance section – so we did a quick walk-through, leaving with one Hello Kitty! sticker book.  But these are the things we pay less than a dollar for, and move on, since the five year old is happy.

At the front, I noticed an odd looking sign – “Clearance”  “$0.25”.  But…the items under the sign…those were NOT $0.25 cent items.  And a bin, marked $2.  NOT $2 items.  Apparently, the local Wal-Mart found about two aisles of leftover School Supplies!  And they were GETTING RID OF STUFF.  I was beside myself.  Otto took Went to the car (he was DUN, D-U-N, DUN!) and GO helped me load the shopping cart with notebook paper and REALLY nice single subject notebooks (the ones with the plastic covers).  The $1-2 items?  LUNCHBOXES!  Really NICE lunchboxes!

And that is when brilliance struck!

See, at the end of the year, it is common to fix up sandbuckets for each child, with summer goodies inside.  This is their “Last Day of School” gift.  I haven’t bought the sandbuckets yet – and when I saw these nice, thermal lunchboxes I was SO EXCITED.  There were enough for each kid in the class – a “Monster” lunchbox.  And I’ll make a cute tag: “We hope you have a Monstrously good summer!”  Inside will go wonderful goodies.

Monster Lunchbox!

Monster Lunchbox!

I am SO THRILLED!  This is going to be a unique gift for the kids in the class, and perfect for those summertime snacks to the park.  It was a lucky find, and I’m glad I was able to grab them when I did!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(

(Oh – and am I the only one this happens to?  I was standing in line, being rung up (which took FOREVER), and in the line next to me was a friend’s husband.  He had NO idea who I was, but I recognized him from photos – and he had two of their three kids with him.  I was so torn, because what I really wanted to do was get his attention and tell him to call his wife, as they homeschool and there were TWO aisles of twenty-five cent school supplies!!!  But I thought he would think that was weird.  Would that have been weird???)


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