My 2nd Night of Chanukah Gift to Myself

You are asking yourself – “What does a person who doesn’t give gifts at Chanukah give herself?”  I understand – it’s confusing, BUT – a very good gift.  Something that most women I know could give themselves for Christmas (or Chanukah, if you want to hop into the spirit of things).

I cleaned out my Master Bathroom drawers and under the cabinets.

Say WHAT?  Again – you’re confused.  Just follow me along on this…

See, first I threw away an entire trash bag of junk (and recycled another grocery bag full of plastic/paper).  Then I organized all my “stuff”: lotions, fancy shampoo/conditioner samples, new razor blades, face cleanser, wrinkle lotion…  You know, all the things you buy to pamper yourself with…that NEVER seem to get used.

As a “gift” to me, I decided to spend the last half of December pampering myself without spending a dime.  I’m taking bubble baths, using the “special occasion” lotion every night before I go to bed, my face is quite soft and (hopefully) wrinkly-free.  😉  It’s nice.  I am using candles at bathtime.  My feet feel awesome!  And it isn’t costing me a penny.

My Current Favorite Scent: Japanese Cherry Blossom from Bath and Body Works

My Current Favorite Scent: Japanese Cherry Blossom from Bath and Body Works

I think we often have those “special” things that we only use on “special” occasions.  But – those “special” occasions that are “good enough” for our “special stuff” seem to be few and far between (and for busy parents, grow even fewer and farther).

So I am giving you a challenge.  Go into your bathroom.  Pull out 5 of your “special” items, the ones in the back of the drawer or in the basket under the sink.  Use them.  USE THEM UP.  Put them front and center on your bathroom counter and for the next two weeks – indulge in how special you are.  I can’t give each of you a wrapped present, but if you have even an hour of relaxation (in the midst of your crazy life), then know you are worth it and deserve special all the time.

Happy Chanukah.  Merry Christmas.  Happy Holidays.

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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