This Season

Other bloggers can probably relate to what I’m talking about when I say “this season has been crazy”.  It’s not the “Thanksgiving” season, or the “Christmas” season, or even the “fall” season – it’s when you get to that point in your life where you are trying to decide *why* you are blogging.  What’s the point?  Is it to share my life with people?  Share my Caterpillars as they grow up with relatives far away?  Is it to impart some bit of information that might not otherwise get imparted upon the world?

I recognize that overall, I’m pretty lucky.  I have quite a few readers, even if most of them keep their comments to themselves. 😉  This particular last few months has been different, however.  Harder for some things – I have had someone I thought was a friend/family abandon me for no apparent reason (try explaining that to a questioning 5 year old).  Another “friend’s abandonment” was drug up again, perhaps in a good way – as I struggle with the ramifications eight months later.  I’ve made a few new friends, and become closer with others (people I never would have thought of as friends a year ago).  I’ve not known *how* to put down on “paper” (screen) what my feelings are about almost anything.  That’s difficult for a writer like me.

We are still searching for a church home, which takes so much time and energy…  We’ve found a temporary place, perhaps it’s permanent, perhaps not.  Otto and I are in prayerful consideration, with a step-by-step plan to figure it all out.  Went is thrilled to be there (he’s in the same class with at least 4 of his school friends).  GO gets to see her twin cousin, SisterSheep, every week – and I’m sure anyone who knows GO will realize how special that is for her.  She’s also coming home every week talking about how much she loves her teacher, a wonderful woman that I’m thrilled is leading her this year.  As for the older Caterpillars?  They love the youth group.  For the first time, they have had activities that make them feel *included* and *wanted*, instead of being “those homeschooled kids”.

Otto and I are ever-searching.  It’s hard to be so vastly different from everyone else in so many ways, but the important thing is that we are together.

I’ve taken virtually no pictures in the last two months.  Another anomaly for me.  We had our annual Thanksgiving weekend: TurkEve (Thursday), Thanksgiving (Friday), and Givingday (Saturday).  I don’t think I pulled out my camera all weekend.  I’m hoping to get my “good” lens fixed for a Christmas present to myself, perhaps that will motivate me to take more photos.

The baby is doing wonderful.  We announced it was a girl, by letting GO write it on her poster at school when she was Star Student.  It was so funny to see how long it took people to “get it”.  I’m not sure of her blog name yet – many ideas have been thrown out (most of which are in the same vein as “GO” and “Went”).  Feel free to leave any ideas in the comments!

Otto and I celebrated his Birthday by taking a special surprise trip away for the weekend.  It was amazing, and reinforced how important it is for us to take time together away from all distractions.  I do have a few photos of that beautiful trip!  (I think I had as much fun planning the surprise, as he had experiencing it!)

At the State Park

At the State Park

The Falls

The Falls

Where we stayed (SUCH a great place!)

Where we stayed (SUCH a great place!)

Our days are crazy: Mondays all the Caterpillars and I work on school work (and try to get the house semi-clean).  Tuesdays I have a few hours to myself, which means that’s normally the day I schedule doctor’s appointments.  Wednesday is “Went and Mummy” Day.  Sometimes we go shopping and to the park.  Sometimes we play at home.  Today was one of those cool days where I can see him growing up right before my eyes – he could hold my hand in the grocery store.  He could communicate without crying (still no words, but communication!).  We had fun eating our snacks, sharing Starbucks, and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Thursdays is another day I have a few hours to myself, but there always seems to be something that has to get done that day.  I should be happy most of the Christmas Shopping is done.  Fridays it’s a “boy day”.  The older boys do schoolwork, and take turns playing games with Went.  It’s hard to imagine adding a baby girl to the mix, but I know from experience that a few days after she arrives – I won’t be able to remember my life without her.

This long and rambling post (congrats if you made it this far), is my way of getting back into things.  My hope is to return to blogging slowly.  But to remember what the purpose of my blogging is.  For me.  This is my record, this is my space, these are my words.  I am grateful for your interest and you reading them.

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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