Walt Disney World Restaurant Review – Biergarten (Epcot/Germany)

Our family ate at Biergarten (Epcot/Germany) on a Monday for lunch.  We were checked in quickly and given a pager, then waited approximately 5-7 minutes to be seated.  It seemed as though since we checked in upon opening, each server took a table, got drinks, then went back for their second table, (then third, etc, etc).

Went is loving his food!

Went is loving his food!

Biergarten is a German buffet, where tables are set for eight.  If you have less than eight in your party, you can expect to be sat with another group.  We had a lovely couple sit at the end of our table.  The server will ask you to sit across from each other (3 and 3), so any other guests can also sit across from each other.

Because I have an allergy, Disney has a very strict process they go through.  For a buffet, the chef comes out and writes down all your allergies.  Then you and the chef walk the entire buffet line, where he/she points out dishes that are safe and unsafe to eat.  At the end, you’ll generally be asked “Do you think you will be able to find enough food on the buffet today?”  BE HONEST – if the answer is “no”, tell them.  If you need something else, they will create something in the kitchen.  Almost every chef will make a basic chicken or steak, if nothing else (most pride themselves on being even more creative).

Children under 3 are allowed to eat from the buffet for free (GO, CW, and B10 were on the Deluxe Dining Plan – 1 child/2 adults).  Our server also brought drinks for Went, free.  We found this was the case in every Disney restaurant.

The buffet had a standard salad selection, one of the standouts being homemade pickles.  They claimed to be dill, but both boys agreed with me that there was a heavy sugar undertone.  That’s the LAST thing I would call “dill”.

If you are fond of the traditional brats and sausages or German cheeses – you will be quite pleased!  I have an allergy to cheese and a personal aversion to pork, so those were out for me.  They filled B10 and Went’s plates!

GO and CW enjoyed chicken legs and salads, along with slices of ham from the carving station.  Biergarten also has a great dessert section – German chocolates, pastries, berries in sauce, vanilla cream to pour on anything you want, and cookies.  It was my favorite part of the meal.

CW's salad (the dressing has dairy)

CW’s salad (the dressing has dairy)

German Chocolate dessert

German Chocolate dessert

Tomato Soup with Pretzel Roll (B10)

Tomato Soup with Pretzel Roll (B10)

GO's plate

GO’s plate

Fresh Berries in sauce with Vanilla Creme

Fresh Berries in sauce with Vanilla Creme

Our server was good, she kept our glasses refilled and brought extra napkins when we needed them, but we saw little else of her.  I was a bit shocked to learn that when they tap your magic band to take off your dining credits – you need to be VERY clear beforehand if you don’t want your tip charged to your room.  We had this happen twice.  Also, parties of six or more are automatically charged an 18% gratuity.  And FYI: it is how many seats you take up, not if you are on two different tickets, or if one is a toddler you aren’t purchasing a meal for.  So our ticket of four and Auntie M’s ticket for one, both had an 18% charge.  I understand why they do it, but I wish it wasn’t that way.  Mostly because I tend to leave more than 18% and it’s virtually impossible to leave extra (unless you are carrying real cash in small bills).

We visited Biergarten in 2010, and I enjoyed it.  This trip, I didn’t find near as many things to eat, so I doubt it will be high on my list when I return to Epcot in the future.  For those without allergies, or who enjoy German food, you will find this all-you-can eat restaurant a great selection and a good value for your money.  If you are interested in the live entertainment – DO NOT book an early meal.  We arrived when they opened and they were just getting ready to start as we were leaving and the noon diners were arriving.  (GO was scared of the stage, so that worked out for us.)

Outside the Biergarten

Outside the Biergarten

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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