Celebrating Fall – Mug Exchange

I saw a wonderful idea on another friend’s blog, and was sad that I missed the opportunity – so I wanted to recreate it on my own blog!  Fall is coming (soon, I hope – or at least the cooler weather!), and to celebrate I am hosting a Mug Exchange.

I love mugs.  For me, they are one of the few “memory” items.  My Mimi (dad’s mother) had a mug, a pottery type, with strawberries on it.  When she passed away, it was one of the few things I asked my Granddaddy for.  My mum has a Polish Pottery one that I bought her when I lived in Germany.  It will be one of the few things I ask for when she no longer needs/wants it.  Mugs bring back good thoughts – not just of the drinks (though I love my coffee and hot tea), but of the long talks and the early mornings (or late nights).  I hope my Caterpillars also associate my mugs with happy memories – and I’ll send them with almost any one they want when they leave for college.

I don't have this mug...YET!  ;)

I don’t have this mug…YET! 😉

Here’s how it works:

1) Sign up by emailing your name and address to mummybutterflyblog@gmail.com.

2) On September 17th, you will get an email that has the name/address of another reader of my blog.

3) By September 24th, mail that person a mug and something to go inside!  It can be any mug you like, and you can slide in hot chocolate packets, hot tea, instant coffee – your choice!  You can also add a note inside, if you would like.

You will NOT necessarily receive and send to the same person.  Feel free to go ahead and pack up your mug package – so it’s simply waiting for an address on the outside!  I will be grabbing a mug down here in Walt Disney World (and maybe if my recipient is lucky – an extra Mousey Treat!) to ship out on the 17th!  Leave a comment if you have questions – but PLEASE email your address/name for security purposes.

It doesn’t matter if you have ever commented on my blog before, or if you even know me in real life – join in!  This is a great way to meet a new friend!

I look forward to our exchange!  After you get your mug – take a picture and send it to me, so I can see all the cool cups??

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(

(Disclaimer: I hope everyone is responsible and fulfills their end of the bargain, but I cannot guarantee it.  If you have not received your mug by September 30th, please let me know and I’ll check in with your giver.  If you find out you will have a problem giving – please let me know as soon as possible.)


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