WDW Trip – The Big Reveal

So today GO got home from her Daddy’s house at 10am – and we had the car all ready.  I took her upstairs and got her dressed, telling her we needed her to hold a sign to take a special picture.

This was the picture:

WDW Day 1 (3)

And the Video (from YouTube):

I ❤ her reaction!  I wish I could have continued videoing her as she went potty before we left.  It was hilarious – that is when she started babbling: “We are going RIGHT NOW?  You’re the best Mummy EVER!  This is the best day EVER!  Did you pack me any clothes to wear?”

So in the van we went – and headed down south.  At the first QT we hit on I-75S, we stopped for lunch (hot dogs and fruit), and when we came out of the store….Auntie M was waiting for us!  I WISH I had gotten a video of B10’s face.  To say that is was as big a surprise as us actually going to Disney is an understatement.  Everyone was happy to see Auntie M, but for B10 – it was having a kindred soul come along on his exciting journey.

It was hard to keep so many surprises, but I’m thrilled I put forth the effort to do so.  Today was a GREAT day!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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