WDW Trip Prep – Predone Scrapbook

Tomorrow our “special surprise” happens!  I am taking the younger Caterpillars to Walt Disney World!  The older two, B10 and CW, know we are going, but don’t know the other “big” surprise.  GO and Went don’t even know we are going!  I’m detailing some of my preparations in blog posts, for others who might be planning a big/special trip.

Today I’m talking about my predone Scrapbook.

One of the things I chose to spend my limited vacation budget on is the new Memory Maker Package.  For $149 (I purchased it more than 3 days before the vacation begins), I am able to get photos around the parks, including the ride photos.  This may not be worth it for everyone – but for me, as the only parent going on the trip, this is huge.  I WANT photos of myself with the kids, and I don’t want to always be asking strangers to take them.  The cost is great, when that also means I will be able to download all the photos to share with friends and print.  So my blog will have photos and I’ll do matching photo books for the Caterpillars (to go with their Autograph books).

However, I’ll also get between four and six 5×7 printed photos included in my activities over the week.  When you combine that with the paper memories (like maps or entertainment schedules), I know there are things I will want to save in a way that is not digital.  I’m quite lucky, in that I have a large supply of scrapbooking supplies.  I was able to use the supplies I had on hand to premake a Disney Scrapbook for my family.

I put together a basic layout, knowing I’m only going to record my major memories, and add in my printed photos.  I don’t see myself printing out to many extra photos.  I basically gave myself four 12×12 pages per day, with a couple of extra pages for the drive down and drive back, plus one for the “big reveal” of the surprises.  I also gave myself a couple of pages for “paper” items (like the park maps).

The Inside Cover

The Inside Cover

The Front Page I'll print out our *best* family photo to go here.

The Front Page
I’ll print out our *best* family photo to go here.

A double page spread

A double page spread

Love the Mickey Details!

Love the Mickey Details!

Personalized Park Maps (Ordered free from Disney)

Personalized Park Maps
(Ordered free from Disney)

Close-Up of Day Six

Close-Up of Day Six

A "Papers" Page

A “Papers” Page

I also lucked out, because four years ago when I visited Walt Disney World the last time, I purchased a Disney Scrapbooking Kit.  It had some great stickers and paper that I was able to use and then pass on to one of my best friends (who is also a huge scrapbooker and preparing for a WDW trip).

I know photo books are beautiful, and I love them (Snapfish and Shutterfly especially), but there is a part of me that is glad that I am leaving a piece of me…my handwriting… my details… my little touches for my Caterpillars (and grand-Caterpillars) to see.  I don’t have the time or energy to do it always, however, the times I can do it – I’m glad.  And by taking care of the basics ahead of time, I’ve set myself up for about an hour or two of work when I get home and I’ll have a finished product.

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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