WDW Trip Prep – Autograph Books

Next week our “special surprise” happens!  I am taking the younger Caterpillars to Walt Disney World!  The older two, B10 and CW, know we are going, but don’t know the other “big” surprise.  GO and Went don’t even know we are going!  I’m detailing some of my preparations in blog posts, for others who might be planning a big/special trip.

Today I’m talking about Autograph Books.

I went through a lot of different options (Pinterest was overwhelming!), before I found a GREAT one that I’m very happy with.

Snapfish sells officially licensed Disney products.  One of the products they offer is a 5×7 Mickey Mouse Themed Photo Album.

Basically, instead of uploading photos – I uploaded solid coloured squares.  These will be where the Characters sign.

The cover page is personalized for each Caterpillar with their name and photo.  The actual cover is solid black, with a cut out square, so you can see only the photo.


Inside, throughout the book, I have put special facts about each Caterpillar – like a favorite Princess or movie.


The “low resolution” printed BEAUTIFULLY – no problems at all. I believe it’s because they are solid colour blocks, not actual photos.


Double Page Spread – no issues with resolutions at all. Snapfish has Minnie and Mickey Page Options. You can arrange however you wish.

When all was said and done, I have “spaces” for over 30 Characters, including the last two pages which are solid white.  This should be PLENTY for my purposes.

The most exciting part to me?  I’ll be able to upload all the Walt Disney World Photos from next week (I have the new Memory Maker Package) and create matching 5×7 photo albums for each Caterpillars.  They will have matching Autograph/Memory Books!

Snapfish also has great deals at times, I had a 50% off coupon code when I ordered, so I paid less than $25 for four personalized autograph books!  Should you choose to do this, you *will* need Sharpie Markers for the Characters to sign with (the pages are slick, but I like that).

What autograph books are you going with?

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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