WDW Trip Prep – Disney Notebooks

Next week our “special surprise” happens!  I am taking the younger Caterpillars to Walt Disney World!  The older two, B10 and CW, know we are going, but don’t know the other “big” surprise.  GO and Went don’t even know we are going!  I’m detailing some of my preparations in blog posts, for others who might be planning a big/special trip.

Today I’m talking about my Disney Notebooks.  I have prepared four notebooks – one for each of the older kids and one for me (Went is not in need of a notebook at his age!).

I found the notebooks on clearance at Walmart for $1 each – a great deal, even though there were only 3 types.  The dividers came from Staples during the school supply season, and I spent less than $0.50 on each set.  I bought a couple of packs of Disney Stickers (also used for my Disney Scrapbook), and everything else was printed at home.

The Notebooks

The Notebooks

The notebooks are divided into five sections, plus a cover page.

1) Personal
2) Car Trip
3) Parks
4) Food
5) Journal

In the Personal Section, I have the overall basics that don’t fit into any other section.  My Personal Section has a map of the entire Walt Disney World area, my Packing List, and the Bedtime Routine/Morning Routines for the kids.  The Caterpillars’ Personal Sections hold their routines.

The WDW Map

The WDW Map

My Packing List

My Packing List

B10 and CW Routines

B10 and CW Routines

GO's Bedtime Routine

GO’s Bedtime Routine

GO's Wake Up Routine

GO’s Wake Up Routine

In the Car Trip Section, I have an enlarged map of our trip (7 pages worth), and I used an Emperor’s head to showcase when we will have planned stops.  I made the map larger – so it “feels” like the trip is moving along.  I may stop at other times, but the planned stops also give the Caterpillars something to anticipate.  Finally, there are LOTS of car games and fun sheets of activities to do, and some fun “outloud” games to play together.

A page on the Map (see the Llama Head?)

A page on the Map
(see the Llama Head?)

In the Parks Section, for the Caterpillars – I have a basic overview of what we are doing every day, a map of our Resort, and a Park Hours sheet.  My notebook has my Touring Plans for each day and a list of all the coin press machines in WDW (for pressing pennies).

The Overview of the Week

The Overview of the Week

Our Resort Map

Our Resort Map

My Notebook: Touring Plans!

My Notebook:
Touring Plans!

In the Food Section, I have a basic list of where we will eat.  My Notebook has a copy of the Deluxe Dining Brochure, plus all our reservation numbers (just in case).

Deluxe Dining Brochure (download from WDW website)

Deluxe Dining Brochure
(download from WDW website)

In the Journal Section, there are blank pages for the Caterpillars (and me) to record our memories.  The boys have lots of lines, but GO has room to draw pictures – then I will write her favorite memories of the day.

Travel Journal (one sheet per day)

Travel Journal
(one sheet per day)

Finally, in the back is a pencil pouch – which will hold a mechanical pencil, a pen, and a box of crayons for each Caterpillar.  Any extra stickers might find there way inside, also.  I also use the stickers to decorate the dividers.

Pencil Pouch

Pencil Pouch

Divider (Dollar Tree Stickers)

Divider (Dollar Tree Stickers)

So, that’s my travel notebooks.  I haven’t let the boys look inside them yet, so they will be a small surprise when they get in the van on Sunday morning.

Anything else you can think of that I missed?

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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