Where I Give

We have all seen pleas for donations – they are all around us – Facebook, the television, magazines, flyers, billboards.

But how do you decide where to give your hard-earned money?

Personally, for our family, we start with prayer and a decision about if we are making a one-time/short-term commitment, or if this will become something that our family chooses to partner with for the long-term.


Many years ago, when our Boy Caterpillars were very little, I made the decision to sponsor two Compassion children.  I did lots of research on charities that did this type of work, and while I had no direct contacts in the ministry, I read quite a few “mommy bloggers” blogs and trusted their assessment of Compassion.  As of right now, our family has been with Compassion as a sponsor for over 7 years, and we will continue our involvement until both “our boys” graduate from the upper level school in Brazil.  (Both are Brazilians.)  Each Compassion child sponsorship is $38 a month (and is completely tax-deductible).

For quite a while, that was our only long-term commitment.  We budget for miscellaneous giving each month (which mainly goes towards our scouting groups and the local preschool, but is what we use for those fundraisers for neighborhood kids and such as that).  We also set aside a specific amount each month for what we call “Christmas Giving”, so we can adopt a family during the holiday season and provide a meaningful Christmas for them.


Recently, we prayerfully made the decision to make another long-term commitment to a charitable organization, Aide La Vie Nutrition.  This was different, as we met and became friends with the President and his wife (the CEO).  We have had amazing talks about their mission to eradicate malnutrition in Africa, starting in the country of Benin.  This is a couple who have made the decision to forgo the ease of life here in the United States and move their family (three children) to the country of Benin, build a factory, and change the lives of people.  We know their hearts and as a family we could not be more excited to join them on this journey (even if our contribution is merely that of a small amount of money and prayer every month).

As you are making your decisions this year, I would like to encourage you to research these two organizations: Compassion and Aide La Vie Nutrition.  If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them.  But these are what we firmly believe in and are pleased to come alongside and share our financial gifts with.

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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