And Seven More Passes By

Ha – last time I posted, it seemed odd I had gone six weeks without a blog post.  This time I went seven.

In my mind, I’ve started lots of blog posts, but they go nowhere.  The effort seems insurmountable.  Which is odd.  Type some stuff, post a picture, hit publish, smile.  Not hard.

GO is outside playing with the puppies (and singing “Let It Go” loudly on the back porch – like most other five year olds in America).  Went is letting me know from his bedroom that bedtime is most assuredly NOT 7:45pm, even if he’s had no nap and can barely hold his eyes open.  The big boys are at their Dad’s house and Otto has spent the week at a conference.  It’s just been me and the Littles hanging out.

I am trying to find the joy again.  Not in blogging, per say, but at all.  I enjoy spending time with my friends and my caterpillars.  I’m doing better with that (tonight, for example, I was at my wits end, but decided to take them out to the park instead of sitting at home feeling sad).  But the daily joy isn’t as easy to find.  I’m weary.  Why?  I don’t have near the burdens that others carry.  My health isn’t great – but I’m not bedridden.  My caterpillars are all safe and happy and healthy.

My head knows I am blessed and my heart is trying to catch up.

My beautiful GO - all ready for her date night.

My beautiful GO – all ready for her date night.

How can I be sad – with a face like that looking at me every day?

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


2 responses to this post.

  1. Oh, my friend. I miss you. I’ve struggled lately to find the joy, too. There are so many blessings, and yet sometimes it’s all just so overwhelmingly hard. Know you are loved. Lets see each other soon.


  2. Posted by nalanijones on 25 04 14 at 10:41 pm

    Don’t ever ask yourself, “How can I be sad about nothing?” Sometimes we just get sad. And it’s okay. Depression is real. And it’s not a sin. We’re in this together. I love you.


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