6 Weeks Gone

I haven’t blogged in six weeks.  If it weren’t for the fact that I’m trapped inside (Day 3), I might not even have posted this.

I am feeling quite apathetic about blogging in general.  For so long, I enjoyed the journaling of my life, and the growth of my Caterpillars.  I’ve touched briefly on the depression that I have suffered from, and while I think that has played a part in the lessening of the blogging – it’s not the main reason.

It has been almost seven years since I began.  Much has changed, some has stayed the same.  Overall, I’m happier.  In a better place.  God and I are doing great.  I worked full time when I began my blog, and was sad that I wasn’t at home with my Caterpillars.  Seven years later, I am blessed to be with them everyday.

B10 has gone from being a precocious 7 year old who loves animals, to a brilliant 14 year old – who loves animals.

CW was GO’s age when I began, he’s grown into himself.  He  has his own interests, and even when they align with B10’s – his mind and thoughts are HIS.

GO is here.  Seven years ago she wasn’t.  Not only is she HERE, but by golly – she’s got something to say!

And Went…two years ago, he didn’t exist.  Now, we can’t imagine life without him.

For seven years, I have used pictures and words to remind myself and share with others.  But I’m not feeling it anymore.  Discouragement?  Maybe.  Feeling like if I can’t do it perfectly, why do it at all?  Likely.

At the same time, I hate thinking of NOT chronicling GO and Went’s life, as I did the older boys.

I don’t know the answer.

Snow & Ice Week

Snow & Ice Week

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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