Playing Catchup

I have spent 21 hours in the last two days wrapping presents at a local bookstore.  It’s a fundraiser for our American Heritage Girl Troop, but it’s both exahausting and time consuming – even when it was slow.  I’m way behind where I need to be and want to be in blogging and taking care of my house.  I had grand plans today – take the girly to school, drop the new puppy off to get a bath and pawdicure, then come home and ACCOMPLISH things while CW worked on schoolwork.

I was really motivated.  Serious.  Things needed to GET DONE.  At 8:30 am, I asked CW to take Reuben out to potty – then to come back and feed his guinea pig, Mary.  At 8:40 am – I heard screaming and wailing.

My precious 11 year old son was standing in the upstairs hallway with Mary in his arms.  She passed away last night.

I’m not the world’s best mum, not by a long shot.  But do you know what is now on today’s agenda?

I’m going take my four year old to preschool, so she will stop asking questions about when Mary’s BODY is going to heaven (and poking it).  Then, I am taking Reuben to get his bath and pawdicure.

Then we are going to Lowe’s to purchase wood, because CW wants to bathe Mary, dry her off himself and build her a coffin.  Otto is already working on rearranging his schedule to come home and help him with the coffin and the burying.

He is grieving, and I know how easy it would be for me to try and get him to either stop or grieve in a way that would make ME feel better.  The hard part is allowing him the space and freedom to cope and deal as he needs to.  And if that means building her coffin with his own hands, then there is nothing that will stop this Mum from getting him the supplies he needs.

My heart hurts for CW.  To many losses in such a short time.

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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