7 Days of Giveaways – Coming Soon!

I’m a huge Oprah Fan — there, I’ve said it.  I almost always enjoyed her show and I really respected her after she apologized to George W. Bush about Katrina and her anger towards him.

But my favorite part of Oprah is her Favorite Things Episodes at Christmas.  Oh my gosh – I *LOVED* those episode.  One of my favorite TV moments EVER is when she surprised everyone with a double-episode her final year (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uw9EKB6OAqU).

Add to that the fact that my Love Language is “Gifts”, and you have a perfect recipe for My Own Version of Christmas Favorite Things – 7 Days of Giveaways!

Really, this is me getting to give presents to you guys.  I don’t know how many will enter, but I know that I have quite a few readers every month.  And while some of you are my family – some of you are friends – and some of you are strangers.  My biggest wish is that I can “meet” some of you strangers out there who are sharing my life with me.

I can tell you this much – I’ve already got two prizes lined up – and those two alone are worth over $125!

I *LOVE* the Holiday Season!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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