Anger is All Up in This Joint

We have had a devastatingly angry weekend here at my house.  My children have gone from weeping to yelling to weeping, and I don’t know how to help them.  We are in a horrible, horrible situation – made a thousand times worse by deceit.

What do you do as a parent?  (Especially when you are dealing with the anger from the deceit yourself?)

We’ve let them express their emotions.  I’m proud of them for that.  They at least expressed in healthy ways.

We’ve given them permission to, for now, avoid the person who was deceitful.  That is hard.  I think it is a fine balance between allowing yourself to heal enough to calmly face the other person, and allowing the wound to become so much of a dividing factor that it’s almost impossible to move past it.

We’ve allowed and encouraged them to comfort each other (and us).  I believe it’s vital to teach them that even in the midst of your own struggles – recognizing other people’s suffering is important.

We’ve reminded them that life isn’t fair.  Sometimes it’s not fair, because the world itself is sinful and bad things happen.  Sometimes it’s not fair, because other people are selfish.  Sometimes, both happen at the same time.  But God isn’t of this world, and none of this was God’s plan.

We’ve planned on a future.  This weekend was earth-shattering for my Caterpillars, leaving a trail of broken promises from the last 9-10 years (since B10 turned 4).  Even now, though, we’re trying to show them how the future is going to work – how we are going to MAKE it work, to provide them what they are missing.

Life goes on, it always does.  But scars are left on hearts.  I pray that we find a way to mend them and make them stronger men when they grow up.

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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