Why Franklin Inspires Me

Franklin.  He inspires me.  He speaks to me.


Who is Franklin?  Oh, he’s pretty famous.  Most of my friends have heard of him.  Especially my Mummy Friends.

He’s a turtle.  (What, you thought I was savvy enough to find inspiration from Benjamin?  Ha!  I laugh…)

Although, he's kinda cute, too...

Although, he’s kinda cute, too…

Franklin the Turtle has been a mainstay in my house since B10 was born.  I’m a huge fan, we weathered the storms of new siblings (Franklin got a baby sister, B10 got a baby brother) and best friends.  Franklin was the first time B10 had to deal with what happens when TV ruins your favorite show by “improving it” (we still prefer the original episodes in our house).  Franklin and Bear and Rabbit and Snail, we love them.

There is one particular episode that has always spoken to me.  Don’t laugh – we all have those moments in literature or television that resonate within us, mine just happens to be with a cartoon turtle.

In this episode, the writers are teaching kids about recycling – doing good to help the earth.  It’s a typical “good member of society” plug, but quite well done.  In the beginning, Owl (the teacher of the small school) talks about doing good for the earth and the community, then they all take a “field trip” downtown.  Each student is supposed to find one good thing to do, then come back and report on it.

Throughout the show, Franklin keeps finding things that need to be done – but he’s not the right turtle for the job.  There is a giant log laying across the park path (that one is for Beaver and her teeth), something is stuck high in a tree (that one is perfect for Bear and his ability to climb), lunches for the elderly residents of the town need to be delivered (Rabbit and his swift paws can do that one), plus a few more.  There is nothing for Franklin to do.  But through it all, Franklin is the one identifying the problem and finding the right person for the job.

Franklin ends up back at the school with the rest of his friends, dejected.  Feeling like he’s done nothing good with his day, he is embarrassed when Owl asks what task he accomplished.  He’s shocked to hear how much his guidance helped all the other students.

Friends, this is me.  So often I feel like I’ve got nothing to offer the world, but I can see so many problems – and I can see how OTHERS are equipped by God to fix them.  Meanwhile, I’m plodding along doing the little stuff.

1) God loves the little stuff.  It’s important, too.  The hot meal for a friend who just had a baby.  The prayers for a friend who lost a baby.  The coffee purchased for a complete stranger, who looked like she needed a lift.

2) There is nothing to be ashamed of in seeing the big picture.  It doesn’t mean others can’t see their own callings, not at all – it means that sometimes I’m in the position to see the forest and can help people find the tree they want.

Laugh if you will, but I remember that show often with fondness.  Franklin speaks to me.


~Mummy Butterfly  )i(

(P.S. – I have BIG news coming up – 7 days of Giveaways!  Stay tuned for the debut of “Mummy Butterfly’s Favorite Things”!)


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