View From My Desk

This is the view from my desk:

Tiny Twinkling Lights

Tiny Twinkling Lights

I love it.  I love the holidays.  I love the noise and the activity and the giving.  I love the way that things become pretty, or maybe it just becomes easier to see the pretty.  I love how tiny white dots of light become magical.  I want to sleep under the tree.  I want the world to be as still as I am, laying there, on the floor – dreaming of how the night sky looked in Bethlehem.  Without all the light pollution we have here in the city.

Pure.  Cold.  Innocent.  Perfect.  For that simple moment.  In that instance – Christ was born fully into this world and heaven couldn’t keep silent.


Hope was born.  Hope was born tiny and helpless and wanting.  Hope needed to be nursed all night long and Hope had to learn to crawl and walk.

Christmas is Hope.  And each year, at this time, I remember that.

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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