Cool Homeschool Experiments

The boy Caterpillars have been working on science experiments for the last two weeks, and they have been pretty cool.  I wanted to share a couple of them – even non-homeschooling families would get a kick out of these.  Both are appropriate for Preschool Kids to oooh and awww over!

First is the standard “Bean in the Window” experiment.  It is VERY easy to do, but sometimes I think we (parents) just never think to do it.

Supplies: 3 dried beans, 3 napkins, 3 baggies

Method: Slightly dampen all three napkins.  Place a single seed in the middle of each napkin (so it is completely covered).  Place each napkin in a separate baggie and seal them tightly.  Place one baggie in the fridge, one in a window sill, and one in a dark place (CW used my desk drawer).  Ask your child what they think will happen.  Then forget about them.  The best part of this experiment is that if you forget about it for 3 or 4 days, it’s still okay!

I *loved* looking at the seeds, and we even dampened the napkins again so they could grow longer.  They also can be planted, if you are so inclined.

The Drawer Bean: WILDLY great growth, but no sun=no green!

The Drawer Bean: WILDLY great growth, but no sun=no green!

The Window Bean: Moderate growth, Green from the Sun

The Window Bean: Moderate growth, Green from the Sun

The second is an incredible “Invisible Egg” experiment that I had never seen before.

Supplies: fresh raw egg, vinegar, Karo Syrup, water, coffee mug (or small dish)

Method: Place the raw egg in the vinegar solution for 24 hours (it will float, that is fine).  Then, carefully remove the egg – the shell will have disappeared.  Carefully place it immediately in a mug of Karo Syrup for 24 hours (let your kids observe at each stage).  Finally, carefully place the egg in a cup of fresh water for 24 hours.  It is SO awesome.  The egg shell will disappear, and it’s just really COOL looking.  This experiment shows osmosis at work (for those of you looking to tie it back to homeschooling), but it’s a neat trick to show off.

I love when I get to see the look on my Caterpillar’s face when they “get it”.  Those lightbulb moments are such a huge reason I love homeschooling!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


2 responses to this post.

  1. I love the invisible egg one. We did that one with my daughter to talk about osmosis as well. Have you built a water table yet? (soda bottle, gravel, sand, dirt, coffee filter)


  2. We love this DVD! Easy to follow & try the experiments on your own. They also do a great job of explaining the results.My six year old son begs to watch this and do the experiments. I’m excited he thinks it’s FUN!


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