Abbeville, South Carolina – Eat!

One more Abbeville post – but the restaurant we ate at deserves it’s own moment in the spotlight.  I am a huge fan of Greek food (thanks, Edelweiss), and so when we were walking through the main square – I was intrigued by “The New Milano’s Cafe”.  I don’t have the opportunity to get Greek food often, so I was very thankful that Otto was on board with trying it out.

We started with a hummus/Pita Bread appetizer.  Otto has issues with food texture, but he very much enjoyed the hummus, as did I.  It is homemade, with the pita toasted just slightly.  Went wasn’t a fan of the hummus (which could have been because we refused to let him stick both hands IN the hummus), but he liked the Pita.

Happy Went

Happy Went

For dinner, we decided on the Kid’s Chicken Tender/Fries for Went.  It was standard frozen/fried chicken tenders.  Not the best, but adequate for a 1 year old.

Kid's Chicken Fingers/Fries (Went's Meal)

Kid’s Chicken Fingers/Fries (Went’s Meal)

"Oh!  Nom, nom, nom!"

“Oh! Nom, nom, nom!”

Otto took plenty of time studying the menu, before choosing a Greek Salad.  The portion was dinner-sized, and the produce was incredibly fresh.

Greek Salad (Otto's Meal)

Greek Salad (Otto’s Meal)

I was thrilled to see Greek Chicken on the menu – as that was my main hope when I asked Otto if we could try the cafe.  It was absolutely perfect.  Seasoned and cooked just right, served on a pita with fresh crisp lettuce – I ate every single bit.  The “Greek potatoes” were freshly made, but resembled Kentucky Fried Chicken’s potato wedges.  Tasty, but not the potatoes I would have hoped for.  Knowing that, I still would order them again.  Mine was also served with a small garden salad.

Greek Chicken and Greek Potatoes with a small salad (my meal)

Greek Chicken and Greek Potatoes with a small salad (my meal)

The service was very homey and small town.  When the waitress shift changed occurred (we were there for an early dinner), our leaving waitress introduced the new one as “Grandma”.  Even with the relaxed and friendly attitude, our cups were never empty and our check was brought promptly when we asked.

Empty Plates!

Empty Plates!

The atmosphere was family-friendly.  There were plenty of high-chairs, room to sit at all the tables, a nice big-screen TV for those of us who cared about football, and festive Halloween decorations.  I was also pleased to see a few local flyers in the windows as we entered/exited (always good to know if the manager/owner supports their own community).  I am planning on bringing the Caterpillars here, when we return to Abbeville!

Not happy to be leaving!  ;)

Not happy to be leaving! 😉

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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