Abbeville, South Carolina

Otto and Went

Otto and Went

My beloved Husband drove out of the campground and pulled to the side of the road.  He turned to look at me, took my hands in his and said: “It’s just the two of us and Went.  It’s so rarely just the two of us with Went.  I know he’s sick and your foot hurts, but do you want to do something else besides just go home?”

We sat for a few minutes, contemplating the possibilities – then threw caution to the wind and turned north on I-85, instead of south.  We headed to South Carolina!  Went quickly fell asleep, and we stopped at the Welcome Center to chat with the nice ladies there.

Clemson was having a home game (not just any home game – the ESPN College GameDay Game of the Week), and hotels were booked up for 50 miles.  The lovely ladies asked if we had ever heard of Abbeville, South Carolina.  It was about an hour drive south on an old highway, but with a few phone calls – they had secured us a Bed and Breakfast (our first stay in one ever), right off the cobblestone square in the quaint little town.  We hopped back in the car (carefully, my foot was killing me), and were off – with just one more quick stop at the CVS for medicine.

This was the closest-to-perfect vacation I have had in a long time.  We arrived in enough time to check in, and see our beautiful rooms.   We cleaned up and put Went in the stroller and walked down to the center of town for Art’toberfest!  I purchased an LSU Scarf for myself and a handcrafted glass bead bracelet.  We found a few cute candy holders for the five other Caterpillars and then strolled around the square.  We ate an early dinner at a locally owned Greek/Italian restaurant and wandered back to our B&B.

We held hands and laughed and didn’t worry.  (And we had so much to worry about.)  We snuggled and cuddled Went.  We browsed in small shops.  I found a dress I wish I had purchased.

We read a book and talked about where we wanted to vacation and dreams for our future.

We prayed and kissed and took pain pills.

We ate breakfast the next morning, did some geocaching, and headed home – it was only 75 miles from the B&B to our doorstep, along a four lane road, through Athens.  A direct shot – that led us RIGHT PAST where an old ancestor of mine was buried (we didn’t stop, but we will!).

I fell in love with this tiny town, best known for its role in the Civil War (it’s where the first Secession Talks took place, and where Jefferson Davis held his last meeting before surrendering).  I fell in love with the owner of the B&B, and can’t wait to take our Caterpillars back to visit her.  I fell in love with what potentially could be our lives later – in the small town near our home that is trying to reinvent itself.

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Sometimes, I think, when you allow yourself to let go of expectations, you find yourself in a moment that is better than you could have ever planned.  That was the 24 hours I had in Abbeville, South Carolina.

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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  1. Posted by CC on 22 10 13 at 5:42 pm

    Sounds wonderful. Our best vacations been when we just pick a direction to drive and see what we can find.


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