Why I Love Democrats

I read a very disturbing post today – a friend of mine had “liked” an article on Facebook, which I shall not link to – but basically it was about Republicans and that anyone who was a Republican was uneducated (even if they WERE educated) and unreasonable.  It disappointed me, but I appreciate the fact that I was able to privately message the person in question and begin a dialogue, rather than either a) lambasted this person publicly because I had been offended (thereby offending others) or b) stew quietly and become upset.  Because I truly believe that most people care about other people.

In response – I want to tell you why I love Democrats.  No sarcasm.  No falsehoods.  Just the truth from my perspective.  My VERY Conservative Perspective.  Because I have quite a few Democrat (or as some call themselves, Liberal – though I’m not sure they mean what the word actually means) friends.

1) As a whole, I believe Democrats see the greater suffering in society.  On a personal level – I know members of both sides who see problems and try to fix them, but nationally, I’m always disappointed in things such as: pro-life churches that don’t have physical aid for pregnant women.  If you don’t want them to have an abortion – give them an alternative.  I think Democrats do a better job of giving and promoting their “solution” to many of societies problems.  They also see the best in people as a whole.  I know there is much corruption in government, but I appreciate that Democrats would rather help the few (or many) that need help, rather than stop all aid, because some (or many) people are abusing it.

2) As a whole, I believe Democrats are better in-tune with nature and protecting our natural resources.  This is such a dear issue to me, because I believe God commanded man to take care of the earth – something we (humankind) often fails at.  Protect first – analyze later.  It’s not a perfect approach, but it does the job.

3) As a whole, I believe MY FRIENDS who are Democrats are more likely to carry on a civil discussion without bringing Scripture/the Bible into it, when discussing “hot topics”.  This is a huge pet peeve of mine.  I am a Christian.  I am a CONSERVATIVE Christian who went to COLLEGE for Jesus.  But I know that Scripture/the Bible is written for those of us who know God or are seeking God.  It’s not meant (nor has it ever been meant) to be a guideline for society.  It should dictate MY behavior, not that of a stranger.

4) As a whole, Democrats seem to encourage self-expression and artistic endeavors.  The National Endowment for the Arts is a beautiful thing in concept (I wish it didn’t always focus on some of the absolute crap it focuses on), and things like Big Bird and PBS are important to Democrats as a whole.  Bottom line, I’m a Theatre person, and that means I’m surrounded by Democrats.  Sometimes Gay Democrats.  Oh, let’s face it – it’s theatre, it’s mostly Gay Democrats!  😉  (Just kidding to all my Republican heterosexual Theatre Friends – I know you’re not Gay or Democrat, you just like wearing makeup!)  😀

5) Democrats are funny.  Oh my gosh – you want a good stand-up comic, find one who is a Democrat.  (I mean this seriously, not sarcastically, I really find them hilarious!)

Most importantly – I want to remind my readers that people are people.  Individual people.  I don’t judge my normal Democrat friends on the actions of President Obama.  And I would like to be judged on my own merits, not by the actions of Speaker Boehner.

So – big love and hugs to you today, my Democrat friends!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(

(Also, as a side note – my friend and I had a lovely discussion and are fine, thank you!)  🙂


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