Making Mistakes

I make a lot of mistakes.  LOTS.

And it’s easy to want to keep those mistakes hidden, or to just give up because I am sure to make a mistake.

Remember the table from yesterday?  In pictures, it looks great.

It’s not perfect.  Oh my gosh – it has so many mistakes.

I learned that I am NOT skilled in the art of spray painting and need a lot more practice.



Crack, crack, crackity-cracks.

Crack, crack, crackity-cracks.

I learned that I need to follow directions better.

Drips (going the wrong way... I turned the table upside down!)

Drips (going the wrong way… I turned the table upside down!)

I also learned that my little girl doesn’t care about drips or cracks – she cares about Mummy spending time to MAKE something for her.

One Happy Little Girl

One Happy Little Girl

She looks at this table and sees my hard work and effort and the fact that I love her so much I made her table pretty.

Please don’t be intimidated by the people you see online on Pintrest who make beautiful things.  God gave them talent, of course, and that is awesome.  But God gave *you* ability, also.  Your family and children just want what *you* can give them, not what some stranger did.

Be Inspired, not Intimidated.

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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