One of the blogs I read regularly is by a girl named Kelly.  Kelly writes at Kelly’s Korner, and while that’s a great blog (so feel free to go check it out, even if she is a Razorback fan), I was specifically touched by a post she wrote on Thursday (October 3rd) about the “Faithful”.

Please go read it and then come back.

Back?  Excellent.

In essence, I get what she’s saying.  I’m quite comfortable with the fact that this blog gets 50-100 readers a day, and I have a nice size handful of followers for me, but I don’t expect it to become something larger.  I’m good with the small scale.  I’m not looking to become someone famous.

But her post didn’t make me think of me and the whirlwind of social media.  It made me think of my Great-Aunt Anne and my Granddaddy.

Aunt Anne passed away last year, after a couple of years of going downhill.  Throughout it all my Granddaddy (the baby of the family) took care of her, along with his other two sisters who also passed away within the last couple of years.  They had no spouses (Anne and Tiney had never married, Yaya’s husband passed away before I was born), so it was his job alone to deal with three old ladies in the state-run Nursing Home.  His job to buy them what they needed, make sure each one was cared for to her specific needs by their respective doctors, and handle much of the financial help (even when it wasn’t desired).  He was so faithful, and this was after spending almost a decade with his wife (my Mimi) going through Ovarian Cancer treatments before she passed away.  “Faithful” is a word that describes my Granddaddy completely.

But I am also struck by how Faithful in those “small” ways my Aunt Anne was.  Many, many years ago, when my Granddaddy was a very young boy, my Aunt Anne taught his Sunday School class.  Then she taught it again the next year.  And again the next year.  And again.  And again.  I believe it was sixty years.  SIXTY YEARS of teaching elementary school children every Sunday morning.  Planting seeds.  Generations passed through her class.  She got no reward, not even a plaque or a lunch gift certificate, when she had to finally leave.  But, I have to believe that when she arrived in Heaven she was greeted as one of the Faithful.  Her name was not written on a plaque, but as Kelly said, it was in “big letters” in God’s book.

I have a beautiful legacy of faithfulness in my family, and I am blessed to be a part of this.


Today, take a moment to look at the people in your life who are Faithful in the “small” ways.  Say thank you.  Give a hug.  Appreciate them for a moment.  They are all around us.

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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