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When I hear that word, I think of someplace safe.  A warm place for my Caterpillars to hide.  A shelter.

But it’s not.

Cocoons are not meant to be safe places, they are meant to be transformative places.

I want to cocoon my Caterpillars and keep them close to me until they are ready to fly off.  I want to make their lives easier than mine was.  But that is not what a cocoon is for.  A cocoon is for changing and growing and some pain.  Because all those things have to happen to transform a creepy crawly into a flying work of art.

And I *really* want my Caterpillars to be flying works of art for God.

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My job is to allow their cocoon to be safe from predators outside it.  But also to allow them to grow and break free when they have been made ready by God.

Just like this world – our entire lives on this earth are our beautiful souls inside these weak bodies of cocoons.  We will transform, but right now we are struggling to make that change occur.  And it’s hard to see it, inside the darkness around us.

Cocoons are not meant to be *safe* places, they are meant to be *transformative* places.

In some ways this blog is my cocoon.  I use it as a safe place, but it also is a transformative place, especially when I can look back to see how different I am than I was years ago.

This is my 31 Days of.  31 Days of Transforming.  I won’t be sharing everything on the blog, but my goal is to transform a bit day by day, in a tangible way. And that can be deeply personal and private.  Very private.  But I am in my cocoon and I want to become the best me I can be.

And, contrary to popular belief – cocoons are not meant to be safe, they are meant to be transformative.

Transform me.

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(

(Edited because B10, my entomologist-to-be, informed me that I had a picture of a chrysalis, not a cocoon.  I fixed it.  I mean, most of ya’ll wouldn’t have a clue, but scientific minds prevail in this home.  For those of you who care, cocoons are made of silk – chrysalis are made of other hard materials.)


One response to this post.

  1. Tell B10 I learned something new today because of him. Love that kid.

    This was beautifully written, and hit me very close to home. Thank you for being you.


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