Happy Fall!

Have you ever had one of those days where you never stopped moving – but felt like you accomplished nothing?  Yep, that was my day…

BUT – I took pictures, to prove to myself SOMETHING got done.

Today, I finished my fall wreath for the door! Isn’t it pretty and welcoming?  😀

My door wreath!

My door wreath!

GO also helped me fill our Boo-Bags for October 1st.  My goal is to deliver them all on the first day of the month, to have plenty of time for the neighborhood to play the game.  It’s a cute “game” where you leave a surprise bag of goodies on a neighbor’s porch, along with a poem and a picture.  That neighbor has been “Boo-ed” and within two days is secretly suppose to “Boo” two more neighbors.  And they hang the picture next to their door, so you don’t get “Boo-ed” twice.  (In order to share the fall-love.)  Since I don’t know if this neighborhood has ever played, I figured I would hedge my bets and give out eight bags to start with.  Hopefully, enough people will be excited that it gets going.  I KNOW one neighbor will be thrilled!  (She might have been doing it all along!)

The Candy Jar

The Candy Jar

Boo Bags!

Boo Bags!

The Cookie Cutters

The Cookie Cutters

I managed to do eight bags for less than $20, thanks to great deals (and coupons) at Michael’s and the Dollar Tree.  Plus, I had the cookie cutters and the candy jars from last year.  And, I’m determined to USE my stash of cool stuff before I buy any more cool stuff!

Want to “Boo” in your neighborhood?  Be the one who gets it started!  I used this link: http://christmas.organizedhome.com/crafts/halloween/boo-youve-been-booed-poem-signs and printed out the black cat version (mostly, because I love cats)!

Also, I did a load of laundry and dishes.  And cleaned off about 1/2 of my kitchen table.  No pictures of that.

OH!  And I bought 40 rolls of toilet paper…but you don’t need photos of that either.  😉

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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  1. […] I loved watching how excited they got at sneaking around the neighborhood in bright daylight.  It was so cute to see “big boys” get into the game and the blessing of our neighbors.  I really hope it goes well, so they can see the fruits and joys of their plan.  We’ve driven around and seen a couple of the papers up, so I am expecting to see more as the month goes along!  (See my Boo Bag Post here.) […]


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