“My” House

It’s funny (no ha-ha funny, ironic funny) that Otto and I are battling through this home loan, while at the exact same time struggling to find a forever church home.

We had narrowed our search to the area where the new house is.  The distance is about 18-20 miles from our current church that we’ve been visiting.  We wanted something closer to we could “live life” with the families we worshiped with.

Then, the summer Sermon series?  Yep, it’s called “The Journey Home” and is all about finding your home on earth, finding your home in Heaven, and discovering God in both.

I have no news on the state of the home loan.  Nothing.  Nada.  Not a word.  Except for yesterday when Otto had to fill out and sign ANOTHER letter and get them MORE paperwork (this having nothing to do with the IRS issue).  I hate the “holding pattern”.

Our Broker is telling our Agent to make appointments and keep the closing on track for noon on Wednesday.  But, as much as I like him, I don’t think he’s doing it because he thinks it will happen.  He’s doing it so IF he does have to deliver bad news, he can put it off as long as possible.  Fair enough.

Cookie came over this morning and with her help, I managed to get GO’s room completely packed up.  I still have to do her closet – but I’m sorting clothes when I do that, so it’s a longer process than just throwing things into boxes.

Happy Boy, Went, being a big help today!

Happy Boy, Went, being a big help today!

The sorting of the LEGOs (and the packing of the Little Girl Room)

The sorting of the LEGOs (and the packing of the Little Girl Room)

GO's Room - post packing

GO’s Room – post packing

With every box I tape, I pray that God will open doors and open people’s hearts.  That He will grant this dream and smooth our forward path.  It’s my step of active faith that no matter what our time in this tiny cramped apartment is coming to a close, because God has something bigger and better out there for us.

I’ve already gained something.  Four families from the Church Small Group have reached out to Otto and I by text or email.  We wanted confirmation that *this* was a place we could belong.  That *this* was a place we could raise our children and serve God.

I suppose if that is the home I get out of this giant mess, I’m ahead of the game.

I pray soon, though, I can show you pictures of “My” House.  And the fence and deck and pretty bay window.

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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  1. Posted by nalanijones on 21 06 13 at 10:57 pm

    Absolutely agree. I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for my church family. That’s home to me. Praying with you. Love you.


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