Gwinnett Braves Fan-Fest

WOO HOO!  It’s almost Baseball Season!  We are incredibly lucky to live near a sports-town, with a Major League Baseball Team, a Minor League Baseball Team, a Minor League Hockey Team, a Professional Football Team and *LOTS* of college teams.  I grew up loving sports, as did Otto, so anytime we can do fun sports related stuff, we are all over it.

The Minor League Team nearby is the Gwinnett Braves (The AAA Affiliate of the Atlanta Braves), and tonight they had their 5th Annual FanFest.  It’s a free event, where the stadium is open and there are lots of activities.  We wandered around with friends and met Chopper and *loved* eating our $1 stadium food (hot dogs, popcorn, nachos, hot chocolate, pretzels, sodas).  I even found a cute Atlanta Braves outfit for Went to wear (and grabbed a new shirt for myself from the clearance section of the Stadium Store).

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The Detroit Tigers/Atlanta Braves Spring Training game was playing on the big screen, our first glimpse of the 2013 team in action.  YAY! BASEBALL SEASON!!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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