4 Months

My favorite photo this month - the relaxed recline position!

My favorite photo this month – the relaxed recline position!

I have truly been cherishing these days with Went.  I know part of it is being older, but it has been easier to stop and rock him when he’s crying or snuggle him when he’s sleepy – then let him sleep on my shoulder for a lot longer than I would have in the past.  A dirty home isn’t fun, but a baby isn’t a baby forever.

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14 lbs 3.5 oz

around 24.7 inches

4 Month Milestones:

Nursing on demand every 2.5-4 hours during the day.  Sleeping very well at night (only wakes up to nurse!).  His bedtime is normally around 11pm (which is normally also our bedtime, so it works).  Sleeps until we wake him up in the morning.

Stays up a bit later – doesn’t like to go to bed until Mummy and Papa do!  Sleeps in his Moses Basket for the first few hours. I think he’s going to have allergies – he is a “Snort-a-lufagus”.

During the day he likes to sleep in his swing or his bouncy seat.

Wears size 1 diapers and 0-3 month clothes – but we are going to have to move up on clothes within the next week or so.  He’s getting a cute belly!  Diapers still fit very well.

Lots of reddish-blond hair and his eyes are still deep blue!  😀

Loves to be held and cuddled.  Especially likes sleeping on his tummy, while on Mummy’s lap OR sleeping on his back while on Papa’s lap.  He also likes to snuggle on Mummy’s shoulder to snooze.

Is trying to figure out how to suck his thumb.  He has found his hands and can usually get them to his mouth, but prefers to suck on his first two fingers, rather than his thumb.  Every once and a while he actually sucks his thumb.

LOVES bathtime!  He enjoys having his hair washed and being held in the water so his hands can start to “splash” in it.  He has taken baths with sister, GO, and likes to watch her.  He’s started sitting in a bath chair (with me in the tub and hands on him) and he’s liking the freedom to kick and splash.

Smiles when happy, which is most of the time!  He’s also found his giggle!  He giggles at us a bunch, and my favorite was when he had a funny dream and giggled in his sleep last week.  So sweet!

Favorite toys are his Raccoon (Raccoony) and his Satin Sock Monkey Toy.

Does NOT like to be wet or dirty – he will cry as soon as he dirties his diaper and keep going until he gets changed.  Means we use a lot of diapers, but he hasn’t had any bad diaper rashes!

Starting to struggle with the carseat.  He’ll still fall asleep IF he is full, dry diaper, and tired.  Otherwise he can SCREAM for hours!

Recognizes his Mummy and Papa and smiles when he hears us!  He’ll turn his head to find us, if we aren’t in his line of vision.  Also recognizes his big brothers and sisters (especially GO).

He goes to nursery every Sunday and has a great time with his loving teachers.  No crying (unless he is hungry) and he falls asleep in the church swing for the second hour, usually.

Starting to want to sit up as a supported sitter and he is VERY interested in what we are eating.  He’s almost ready for Rice Cereal – but because of family allergies, I’m trying to hold off as long as possible.

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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