Thanksgiving Dinner

I’m totally proud of how my Thanksgiving Dinner turned out.  We had it on Friday, to accommodate everyone (I let GO be with her daddy on Thursday, and Doc works every Thanksgiving).  Otto’s Mom and Sister came down, plus the Royal Family and my youngest brother and his fiance.  In total, we had 10 adults and 8 children for the meal (all in an apartment!).

After lunch, Doc and Cookie took all the Caterpillars (except OPM – who had to march for Band in a Football Playoff game and Went – who needed to be able to eat) to the local park to run around on the playground for an hour and then have ice cream.

The Royal Family stayed through supper and played games, all in all a wonderful full day of friends and family and Thankfulness.

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Plus, a pretty nice looking spread of food!  😉

(I have to thank Edelwiess and my Daddy, without their example and encouragement, I’m not sure I ever would have single-handedly tackled Thanksgiving dinner with confidence.  I did, though, and it worked out beautifully.  I can’t wait until next year!)

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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