Today I Snuggle & Rest

Nap Time ROCKS!

I’ve pushed myself too far, which people kept saying – but I felt like I needed to be at school for GO this week, and at church for B10 and the youth, and doing stuff with CW.  Plus, poor Otto has not only been sick, but he’s been getting up at 4 am to get a full days work in before leaving at noon to come home (and help with Went, after picking GO up from school everyday).

So, while I’m not against co-sleeping as a general rule, I do have a beautiful bed for Went.  But this week Otto and I agreed it was just easier to keep Went with us, so he (Otto) could get 4-5 straight hours of sleep a night.  Poor Went, he’s just long enough that when he nurses, he kicks my incision.  I KNOW GO did it, too, but I can’t remember how I solved the “problem”.  So I’m not getting the best sleep at night, and not really taking time for naps during the day.  The pain isn’t like it was before Went was born, but I’m pretty uncomfortable and I know I’ve pulled the wrong way on my incision more than once…

Today – today I am snuggling and sleeping.  I ate a good breakfast, took my pain meds and nursed Went until he feel asleep.  He’s now in his Moses Basket – and I’m about to take a nap.  B10 is in charge of GO (CW is taking a hike with his friends).  My goal is to get 3 hours of sleep, even if I have to do some of it snuggling with a sleepy Went.  If I can just get enough sleep for the meds to kick in, I think I’ll be good.

And when I wake up – I’m cleaning something.  ANYTHING!

Then I’ll crawl back into bed and nurse Went skin-to-skin, and snuggle.  Because he won’t be this tiny for long…

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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