FOOTBALL Saturday!



We woke up at 7:15 am and after getting dressed (notice the Daddy’s MVP Football outfit?), headed to our first Football game – for brothers!  The big boy Caterpillars had friends they spent the night with, who were kind enough to bring them to the game.

Queen, Princess and the New One

Quilter and her Oldest and the New One

Prince and B10

Otto and I arrived with the baby a little after the game started and watched – it was nice to have friends come see what the boys do!  🙂  We weren’t able to stay for the entire game (just to uncomfortable for me, especially since we hadn’t had a chance to get my pain meds yet).

Quilter’s Twins (and some of GO’s best friends at Church)

Quilter’s Oldest


After a quick lunch, we headed home to get ready for the LSU game (ugh, we won’t discuss how THAT went).  Also, one of our good friends, the Quilter, cooked us a delicious dinner of baked chicken, green beans and new potatoes and roasted cauliflower  and she delivered it during the game.

Watching LSU vs. Florida

Papa watching LSU with the Newest One (Notice the little one is NOT impressed with the score OR the smiling face during the loss!)

Otto fixed our dinner plates, in just enough time to be able to play a quick game with CW and B10 before our 3rd Football game of the day – UGA vs. South Carolina.  This game has only the first quarter gone, but we won’t talk about how it’s going either.

Otto isn’t happy with the score – but LOVES his littlest boy caterpillar!

Hrm…I’ll reserve judgement until we see how the Mannings do this weekend, but what happens if your youngest son is a BAD luck charm????

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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