The SECOND Hospital Stay


Snuggling with Mummy

There is not a better way to describe being stuck in the hospital on pain meds (which don’t DO much) and not being allowed to eat.  This time, I really WAS admitted and there for approx 20 hours.  Otto and I left in time on Monday to go down the elevator, cross the lobby and up the other elevator to the Doctor’s Office for my morning appointment.

The nursing staff was again, wonderful, especially my night nurse who brought me treats (a beautiful bucket of drinks and food) and just generally treated me like I was not a crazy person.  In fact, she made sure I knew before I left how to request her should this baby decide to come next weekend at night (she’s only on Friday/Saturday/Sunday nights).

Bottom line, I’m in severe pain.  The contractions are 5-8 minutes apart and on the charts they SHOULD be doing something.  But they aren’t.  My Doctor said the only “solution” to the pain was to admit me and keep me drugged up on opiates, which doesn’t help the actual pain, but I don’t have enough sense to care.  😉  (By the second dose in the hospital I was talking to Otto about the “happy whales”.  He was amused, but not impressed.)

So, the Doctor is going before the Maternal Fetal Medicine Board to try and get approval for a pre-term c-section.  Because of my scar tissue, he has been told he cannot induce, so if baby boy doesn’t come on his own in the next week – another c-section it is.  His first available surgical date is October 2nd.  We’ll see how that goes!

I’m incredibly lucky that Cookie was kind enough to bring the Caterpillars up to see me.  I know B10 is struggling with fear (he is afraid that the recovery will be as bad/scary as with GO’s birth), while CW just wants to have a baby brother to play with.  GO is oblivious to everything, but enjoyed playing with my IV.  It’s funny how to explain things to little kids, and she finally actually seemed to understand all the different pieces when we told her it was like a LEGO that brothers built.  Lots of different pieces that put medicine in Mummy and baby brother.

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Overall, I’m glad we went to the hospital.  I know I hate the invasive procedures, but I need the peace of mind, and this helps me to come to terms with the idea that we won’t be having a VBAC.  I need time to process that.  🙂

Thank you for your prayers.  Hopefully we’ll know more soon.

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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  1. Cuteness. All FOUR kiddies in the pic with you. LOVE IT!

    Oh, and I think you should say it a lot – not just sometimes. 😉


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