Visiting Mimi and Aunt M

Mimi (Otto’s Mum), Otto and Aunt M (Otto’s big sister)

For Labor Day, after church we drove up to visit Mimi and Aunt M and have lunch with them.  They had already gone to the store, so as soon as we arrived, Otto fired up the grill for hot dogs and hamburgers (turkey and beef).

The Caterpillars had a blast playing around Mimi’s house (GO kept collecting rocks – it’s her “thing” at Mimi’s).  The boys played outside (with a little football) for a while, then after lunch played Mancala and learned how to play Chinese Checkers.  We enjoyed dessert, before turning around and heading on the drive home.  But we made sure to take pictures before leaving!  (When you go through these pictures, do it once looking at no one but GO – then you can look at the rest of the family…but it’s Hee-Hee-Larious the first time you stare at GO…)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m so glad that we can live close enough to visit relatives – and wish VERY much we lived closer to some of mine, so we could see them more often.

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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