It’s Been a Long Time…

So, as many of you can tell, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted much of anything.  My goal this week is to totally catch up – but expect lots of pictures and not many words.  (That’s what most of my relatives want anyway!)

It’s been a hectic and rough summer, with lots of doctors visits.  The big positive is that we finally think we have a diagnose on the lumps in my breast (Penelope and her Friends).  And it’s not cancer.  There is, however, at least one more (bringing the total up to 3 at this point).

Penelope (and her Friend) are Adenomas – benign glandular tissue tumors.  In the breast, they are usually small and hard to detect.  And usually are removed, if ever found.  Mine (as the doctor pointed out) are huge in comparison to “normal” adenomas.  This explains both the difficult diagnosis and the treatment plan he is suggesting (this is a new doctor – who came from LSU – so he MUST be the best…).

Basically, we are waiting.  The size of the tumors are disturbing, but that doesn’t make them any more likely to become malignant.  In fact, the larger risk is that they will grow and obstruct/compress some other part of the breast (blood vessels, ducts, etc).  This is very likely why there was so much pain (something that is NOT common in breast cancer).  I am also at higher risk to develop adenomas in other tissue (lungs, renal, etc).  All these things are not cause for alarm, but would require doctors visits to check and assess that they are not malignant, as size doesn’t matter, but frequency (and variance in location) can.

In 12-18 months we will re-evaluate the size, but if they continue to grow at the rate they have been, it is likely the surgeon will agree with my doctor, that a total mastectomy is the best course of action.  They can go in and remove the tumors, but that is the least aesthetically pleasing option.  And while I’m not overly vain, I would like to wear a bathing suit that doesn’t a) look funny and b) show scars everywhere.

So, why are we waiting?  Well, as you will see when I start putting up pictures, we are about to welcome a new addition to the family!  🙂  As it has been determined that Penelope can’t kill me (even if she hurts like the dickens sometimes),the doctor is fully on board with me waiting until I have finished nursing to do any type of surgery.  The downside is the hormones are only going to “feed” the adenoma, so Penelope and friends will probably get larger as time goes on, but they were rather large to begin with.

If praying is your thing, please keep at it.  Surgery as an option is never fun, but knowing that this isn’t my life on the line is a relief.

And be looking for more posts (with LOTS of Caterpillar pictures!).

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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