The First Middle School Game

B10 on the sidelines

Today was our first Middle School Football game with the Georgia Force.  CW was the mascot last night for the Varsity Game, but B10 could only dress out (jeans and a certain jersey).  Today was their big debut (B10 on the field, and CW does both mascoting and cheering for MS games).

Our Blue Knight! (In his cheerleading uniform, not Mascot gear.)

It was so cool!  OPM and CAM were there with us, as were Cookie and Doc.  Doc and CAM took lots of pictures (I was working the concession stand, but could see most of the game – and came over to the stands every time B10 was on the field).   CW really enjoyed his time on the sidelines (as you can tell from his pictures taken after the game was over).

My favorite photo of CW with the cheerleaders and Coach K!

Only one hitch – as B10 made a great play (helping to get an opposing player out of bounds), he fell and landed funny.  Our first game led to our first ER visit with is leading to our first Sports Ortho visit…because he has a buckle fracture of the left wrist!  Luckily, the Pediatric ER doctor thought it was a 3-4 week healing process, and while we will know more tomorrow at his Ortho appointment, that would mean he would only miss 1-2 games this season (Labor Day weekend is a bye week for the MS team).

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BUT – both our Varsity team and our MS teams won their games this weekend!  AND – they were both shut-outs!  YAY GA FORCE!  I love football!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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