Waiting to go in!

Otto took today off of work, also, in order to spend time with the boys and do things that aren’t necessarily “up GO’s alley”.  While I think she would have enjoyed LEGOLAND, it was also MUCH easier to do the things B10 and CW wanted to do without her!

First, I cannot stress this enough – BUY YOUR TICKETS AHEAD OF TIME and ARRIVE EARLY.  Or, just buy the after 4pm tickets and arrive late.  Either way, the lines are long and it’s always a little crowded.  I wasn’t pleased with the number of daycares they allowed in – mostly because they simply didn’t have enough adult supervision (or the adults were all sitting in the snack area eating pizza/drinking sodas and letting the kids run wild).

There was only one thing CW didn’t get to do that he wanted to do – and that was the bouncy area.  B10 wanted to see the movie, but they let one daycare person stand in line for the entire daycare – FOUR SHOWS IN A ROW, so we didn’t get to see a movie either.  Luckily, we have most of the Lego Movies on-Demand from Cable, it would have just been cool to see it on a big screen. 🙂

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I think our favorite part as a whole was doing the Master Builder Workshop.  They only let 6 families/small groups in at a time and for 25 minutes we had an instructor explain how to “build something” like a LEGO Master Builder.  This week was large blocks, used to create the giant skyscrapers in the “Mini Atlanta” exhibit.  It was really cool!

Each boy got a small LEGO brick and two mini-figures once we left, not a huge “gift” but a nice surprise.  🙂

For lunch we ate at Johnny Rocket’s (right outside LEGOLAND – also had a line, but not bad).  I love their burgers and fries, so it’s a special treat for me to eat there.

A wonderful morning outing!  I would go again, but would rather do it on a day with no field trips!

~Mummy Butterfly  )i(


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